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Stefano Ricci, in 2023 the turnover will exceed 200 million

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Stefano Ricci, in 2023 the turnover will exceed 200 million

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In the life of companies there are goals considered symbolic, a sign of maturity achieved and of work completed in all its aspects. For Stefano Ricci that goal is represented by a turnover of 200 million, and now the Florentine company that carries the flag of men’s fashion high in the world (exports are 95%) is about to cross it.

«In 2023 we will reach the revenue record, exceeding 200 million euros, with a growth of 40% compared to 2022», explained CEO Niccolò Ricci, presenting the autumn-winter collection together with his brother Filippo, creative director. 2024-2025 at the Teatro di Fiesole (Florence). The founding parents, Stefano and Claudia, were in the room listening to them. The 40% increase also applies compared to pre-Covid 2019. Thanks to the renewed sprint of all markets, from the USA to Europe, from the strategic China (+114%) and from South-East Asia to Russia and the former Soviet Republics, up to the Middle East. But the result is linked above all to the change of pace made by the company during the pandemic, when the collapse in sales (-40% in 2020) put us at a crossroads: «At that moment we decided to increase the quality and production, and this choice rewarded us – explained Niccolò Ricci -. Two hundred million in turnover was a goal that we looked at from afar a few years ago.” A boost also came from the fashion show event held in October 2022 in Luxor, at the Temple of Hatshepsut, which gave great visibility to the brand which has always supported 100% Made in Italy.

Luxor (Egypt), the parade celebrating Stefano Ricci’s 50 years (photo by Pietro Grossi/Massimo Sestini)

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With the new collection set among the sand, snow and mystical temples of Mongolia – from the Gobi desert to the Altai chain, from the land of Genghis Khan and that of the Eagle Hunters who pass down the tradition of falconry – Stefano Ricci has also accomplished the definitive step towards quiet luxury, which focuses on quality rather than logos: away with writings and bright colours, space for sobriety, tailored cuts and craftsmanship, fine fabrics and yarns – cashmere, silk, vicuna – and neutral colors such as sand, white, browns.

The New York boutique

Now the Florentine company is ready to set new goals. For this reason it is investing in logistics, with a new four thousand square meter warehouse near the Florence airport, and in retail, with new boutique openings (today there are 75 and they account for 60% of the turnover, while 40% is in wholesale ), both owned and licensed: another five-six will be added in 2024, including Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam, and Houston, in the USA, following the new flagship store in Beijing and the boutique in Madrid opened by a few months. For 2024, given the international scenario and the ongoing geopolitical crises, the forecasts are prudent but not negative: «We are looking at next year with caution, but we continue to invest», say Niccolò and Filippo.

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