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Stellantis focuses on electrification. Ficili: “A central role for Italy and Turin”

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TURIN – Electric cars still have a prohibitive cost, not only for the price? “Within five years and the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles will be equivalent to that of internal combustion engine vehicles.” Word of Santo Ficili, country manager for Italy of Stellantis who from the Motorvillage of Mirafiori told what the automotive group, which has among its shareholders Exor which also edits Republic, is doing for the energy transition.

“For us at Stellantis, cost reduction is a priority. The goal is to have the right product and offer it at the right price to ensure an organic development of a market, which today is supported by incentive policies, but which must soon reach a ‘autonomy also of a financial nature. “Incentive system that for the head of the Italian market must, in these early years, be structural:” A structured plan with a time horizon of at least three years”. Plan that the government with the Deputy Minister for Economic Development, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, has promised, but a settlement has not yet been seen. Now the measure has been refinanced, but Ficili argues that a measure other than stop & go is needed. “We also ask for stability from the government and then to provide for a plan to exit the incentive at the end of the plan”, underlines the country manager of the group born from the marriage between FCA and PSA.

The road to the electric is not only drawn, but has already been embarked upon for some time. Italy is central, as is Turin, where the battery hub and the battery lab are located. “It is difficult to make estimates on the market, but the transition to electric is absolutely necessary. The difficulty is dictated by the challenges facing the sector and which are affecting the auto industry – underlines Ficili – the increase in the costs of raw materials, shortage of semiconductors and the Covid situation, from which we hope to get out and we are on the right path “. The goal is already defined: “By 2030, 70% of our sales in Europe will be made up of electric, or electrified, cars and vehicles. And we will offer our customers in all areas the right product, with the right services and at the right price ”, reiterates Ficili who on November 3 will inaugurate the new headquarters of the Italian market in Turin. An ad hoc building within the Mirafiori district.

The reference of Stellantis’ country manager for the Italian market is evidently also in the present. Customers are already changing and are showing increasing attention to environmental issues. In Italy, the share of electrified cars, which also include the mild hybrid, has grown steadily in recent months to reach 45% of the total market in September. The share of LEV cars, i.e. those with plugs, went from 4.7% in January 2021 to 13.3% in September, demonstrating the growth in the propensity towards electric or electrified cars. “This is happening – says Ficili – although there are still many barriers to purchase, such as the anxiety of autonomy and recharge times, the lack of columns, and so on”.

The transition has started and cannot be stopped: “The automotive world is already living in the future – he said – with a European legislative landscape that looks to 2030 and the drastic reduction of emissions that will drop from 120 g / km to 40 g / km and with local policies increasingly in favor of green urban traffic “. The group invests 30 billion euros in electrification and software by 2025. Ficili recalls that the strategy will use 4 Bev platforms, 3 electric propulsion modules, 2 types of batteries by 2024 and battery packs configured in different ways. “We will cover the needs of all segments, from urban mobility to professional use, from premium vehicles to the best 4xe solutions with a range that will range from 500 to 800 km and a fast charging capacity of 32 km per minute. We will cover with our 14 brands from 80 to 100% of market demands “.


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