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Stephen Chow to Invest in Filming Variety Show for the First Time

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Stephen Chow to Invest in Filming Variety Show for the First Time

Stephen Chow, the renowned “King of Comedy” in Hong Kong cinema, is set to make his first foray into the production of a variety show. The news was announced by iQiyi on April 23, revealing that Chow will be involved in the creation of the upcoming variety show titled “The King of Comedy Stand-Up Season.”

The announcement was met with excitement from fans, especially after Chow released a video on his Instagram account, showcasing his initial reaction to receiving the invitation to the iQiyi World Conference. In the video, Chow is seen in his office, visibly startled by the unexpected letter before dropping it in shock.

While details about the variety show’s format and content remain scarce, netizens have expressed their anticipation for Chow’s involvement in the project. This marks a significant step for the actor and director, who has never before ventured into the realm of variety show production.

According to reports from mainland media outlets, the variety show will feature appearances from talk show celebrities like Yang Li and Zhou Qimo. Additionally, the list of dramas announced alongside the variety show includes online videos adapted from Chow’s iconic films such as “The King of Comedy” and “The God of Cookery.”

Chow, who only recently joined Instagram in 2022, has been actively engaging with his fans on the platform. His decision to venture into the world of variety show production has sparked speculation among netizens since his first post on Instagram, where he hinted at recruiting talent for a mysterious project.

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As the filming of “The King of Comedy Stand-Up Season” begins, fans eagerly await to see how Chow will bring his signature humor and creativity to the world of television variety shows. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new venture from the beloved Hong Kong actor and filmmaker.

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