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STOMPER 98 – Stomper 98

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STOMPER 98 – Stomper 98

Stomper 98
(Punk | Streetpunk | Oi!)

Label: S98 Records
Format: (LP)

Release: 01.09.2023

25 years Oi! Oi! Oi! and short hair, 25 years still uncomfortable, 25 years of antisocial – our life

Do the Oi! Skin/Streetpunks from STOMPER 98 released the record “Altherbrought” to mark their 20th band anniversary and entered the German album charts for the first time. They are giving themselves a self-titled record to mark the quarter of a century of their existence.

And the interested listeners get what one would expect from the men from STOMPER 98, although there were again a few changes in the line up, in addition to Silvio Transition, Stefan Herz also joined, the latter on drums for Phil Templar (THE TEMPLARS), who are conveniently active in PLIZZKEN with singer Sebastian “Sebi” Walkenhorst.

“Skins and punks and relatives, friends of the clear edge, the thorn in the ass in their system, non-conformist and uncomfortable” says the oppressive opener “Stachel Im Ass” which, like the following “Außenseiter”, is an obligatory hymn to the subculture and the “Way Of Life” on no Oi! Plate may be missing. The following “We Hold The Flags High” is dedicated to the group’s deceased companions and skilfully maintains the balance between pathos and tempo. Singer Sebi, who recently had a serious accident at work, seems to have used this forced break for vocal training, because on “Stomper 98” he delivers what is probably the best vocal performance of his career to date, including the projects TRANSITION and PLIZZKEN, as he also did on “So A long time ago” once again impressively proves it.

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His influence is also unmistakable on the second record with Lars Frederiksen (RANCID, THE OLD FIRM CASUALS), like on the angry “Knowing You Again”, before they speak out in a very blunt socially critical manner in “Deutschland Im Chaos”. Serenade yourself with “25 Years” and also set a musical monument to Andrew Burgess’ “A Clockwork Orange” with “Alex”.

While the use of brass has always been a trademark of STOMPER 98, saxophonist Holgi presents himself in top form on the new record and skilfully puts his stamp on it, as on the merciless catchy tune “Boots, Beer and Bomber Jackets”, which you can hear loudly from the second verse at the latest bawls along.

Admittedly, the first single releases in the summer didn’t really convince me, but after one or two listens at the latest, the new album grabs you. After 25 years, the guys know their craft more than well and shine with excellent songwriting and 13 varied and catchy tracks. Even if some Boot-Boys & Girls probably don’t agree with me, STOMPER 98 are obviously like good wine – the older the better, and so you can confidently call the self-titled disc the best output to date. Oi! Oi! Oi!

Tracklist „Stomper 98“:
1. The sting in the ass
2. Outsiders
3. We continue to hold the flags high
4. Everything remains stolen from me
5. Do you recognize yourself?
6. To the voices of a generation
7. Germany in chaos
8. All against all, everyone against everyone
9. 25 years
10. Alex – Shadow Of The Night
11. Boots, Beer And Bomber Jackets
12. So Lange Her
13. Ninety-eight nights
Total playing time: 41:06

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STOMPER 98 – Stomper 98LineUp:Sebi x Stomper (Vocals)Tommi Tox (Guitar) Lars Frederiksen (Guitar)Silvio Transition (Bass)Stefan (Drums)Holgi Stomper (Saxophone)9…Buy on Amazon{“@context”: ” http://schema.org/”, “@type”: “Organization”, “name”: “STOMPER 98 – Stomper 98”, “image”: [
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