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Storyteller | Dialogue with Director Bai Shan: “Three Keys” to Achieve “The Story of the Tang Dynasty”, the second season is on the way_Audience_Series_Works

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Storyteller | Dialogue with Director Bai Shan: “Three Keys” to Achieve “The Story of the Tang Dynasty”, the second season is on the way_Audience_Series_Works

Original title: Storyteller | Dialogue with Director Bai Shan: “Three Keys” to Achieve “The Story of the Tang Dynasty”, the second season is on the way

On the day of the broadcast, it rushed to the hot search. The popularity of iQIYI exceeded 6,500 on the second day of the broadcast, exceeded 8,000 in the second week of the broadcast, and exceeded 8,900 in the finale. After the ending, the popularity of word-of-mouth fermentation reversed all the way, until three days after the ending of the drama, it still ranked first in the popularity of Guduo dramas.

According to Yunhe data, 21 days after the broadcast, the effective broadcast market share of the feature film “Story of the Tang Dynasty” was as high as 20.7%.

However, for the achievements so far, director Bai Shan is accepting Cooked small fresh (pengxx01During the interview, he said frankly that when the filming of “Story of the Tang Dynasty” was completed, he felt that it would be different from the past, but the results achieved after the broadcast were indeed unexpected. Afterwards, Director Bo Shan had an in-depth exchange with us on the creative method and the change of the director’s style of “Story of the Tang Dynasty”.

In the current domestic drama market, ancient puppets and fantasy are in power. Director Bai Shan believes thatAncient costume monster suspenseDramas with the theme are currently scarce in the domestic drama market.

In 2019, after the filming of “The Hero Huo Yuanjia”, Bai Shan came into contact with the “Story of the Tang Dynasty” project.

The project was originally planned to be made into four online movies with unique elements of strange emotions, such as “The God of Tuo”, “The Strange Story of Gan Tang Station”, “Human Mian Hua” and “Hell Change”, and each of them is independent and unrelated to each other. Both Qiyi and Changxin Media considered again and again, and finally decided to make a web drama in the form of a unit detective drama.

Director Bai Shan

“Story of Tang Dynasty” adapted fromWei FenghuaThe original novel, and Wei Fenghua, as a screenwriter, has cooperated with Bai Shan on two works, “Braveheart 2” and “Heroes Huo Yuanjia”. With the previous cooperation foundation and the solid content of the original work, this time The cooperation between the two people is more tacit, and it also gives Bai Shan a great space for imagination.

Director Bai Shan admits that he actually has a soft spot for this type of work for a long time. He once made it in 2009.“Detective Di Renjie Prequel”and his first independent work.

After that, he has been co-directing “Red Lady”, “Yangko”, “Brave Heart” and many other co-directed works with director Guo Jingyu.era legendalso formed a relatively fixed style.

Although I was looking forward to shooting a costume suspense-type work, Naihe has never encountered a suitable script.When he saw the script of “The Story of the Tang Dynasty”, Bai Shan was very excited. He feltHere comes the opportunity

At the beginning of the project, Bai Shan put forward requirements for himself: “First,The previous creative path cannot be continuedsecond, Must be a very personal workThe whole creative process is also very bold. I try to let go of the constraints and use my imagination as much as possible. ”

“Soul Ferry” screenwriterlittle auspicious dayAfter reading it, I confessed that I saw a little bit of director Boshan’s personal style in “The Prequel of Di Renjie”, but I saw his complete self in “The Story of Tang Dynasty”, saying that it “started to fly”.

The star Yang Zhigang was also recently asked, “Is “The Story of the Tang Dynasty” also directed by the director of “Yangko” and “Brave Heart” that you starred in before?” The amazing quality of the episodes and the completely different styles of works make it hard to believe that these works are from the same director.

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Respect for the market and audience is the premise

Director Bo Shan, who was filming an online drama for the first time, also made full preparations, and did sufficient market research with the team before filming.It was found that, unlike the legendary dramas of the era that he had shot for middle-aged and elderly groups, the audience of online dramas was relatively young, so it was necessary toFully consider the viewing habits and preferences of young audiences

For this reason, a lot ofmonster elementhoping to bring a kind ofDifferent from the freshness of previous domestic detective dramas

“We must start from the audience’s point of view to understand their psychology to the greatest extent possible and meet their needs.” The tigers, demon cats, giant pythons, crocodiles and other lifelike beasts and strange illusions that appear in the play are all fullSatisfy the curiosity of the audience

The setting of the double male protagonistIt also fully considers the young audience and the middle-aged and elderly audience, the young Lu Lingfeng and the middle-aged Su Wuming, the character configuration of the literary and military,Appropriate for all age groups

Some audiences prefer the high-intelligence business design that devises strategies, while some audiences prefer martial arts dramas with strong visual impact. The functions of the two male protagonists are different, so that the audience can get what they need.

to increase the audienceParticipationandsense of interaction, the creative team buried many clues in the case. For example, “Shiqiao Tu” and “Huangmei Killing” set up multiple suspect characters. The audience followed the detective team step by step, solving the puzzles, eliminating the suspects, and finding the real murderer. The process is very impressive Enjoyable.

Climax after another, tight rhythm plot settingIt also made the audience shout straight up, unable to stop. Like other suspense dramas, each case in “Story of the Tang Dynasty” follows the basic story structure of beginning-development-climax-end, but as a unit detective drama, its advantages are well revealed. .

There are a total of 8 case stories in “Story of the Tang Dynasty”, and the climax points of the stories are handed over one after another, plus the constant changes of the internal climax points of each case,Audiences can always keep the episode fresh

The average case size of 5 episodes allows each case to be unfolded, and the plot nesting of one loop after another also makes the overall rhythm of the episode just right.

Precise control of narrative rhythmDirector Bai Shan said frankly, “Actually, the control of the rhythm is not only “Story of the Tang Dynasty”, but the rhythm of the legendary dramas of the era we filmed before are also very fast.Strong plot strong rhythmIt is what I am good at. Although “The Story of Tang Dynasty” is a suspense type, the narrative method with strong plot and fast pace is still applicable. “


Respect for details Creation is the foundation

“The age of the most developed imagination must also be the age of the freest mind and the most extraordinary spirit.”

Wei Fenghua’s original novel “Story of the Tang Dynasty” is an interpretation of the Tang Dynasty.Monster Notesthe book uses “Youyang Zazu”, the master of ancient Chinese strange notes, as a clue to find all kinds of strange stories and rare stories left by the Tang Dynasty.

The content involves gods, demons, magic, magic, anecdotes, exotic legends, rare birds and beasts, as well as many remote and secret knowledge that has been lost in later generations.Combining fantasy, suspense and thrillershadowy and chilling, completely subverting people’s traditional impression of the Mingli Tang Dynasty.

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Although there are many dark and strange stories in the book, they cannot be directly used in the script. Screenwriter Wei Fenghua said that “the original book is more of providing story material” “These clues only constitute the prelude of the unit case or the engine that starts the story, so to be more precise,The script is actually an original script

Therefore, it is different from the “Tang Dynasty” that the original work focuses on describing, in the opinion of director Bai Shan,The “strangeness” of the drama version of “The Story of the Tang Dynasty” is the finishing touch, the creation of a strange atmosphere is the focus of this play. The eight stories with different styles use the story text and the director’s shooting techniques to carry out the strange and strange atmosphere to the end.

In the first case of the opening chapter, “Chang’an Black Tea”, theOniichiThe presentation satisfies the audience’s fantasy and strange imagination.

The description of the ghost market in the Tang Dynasty in the “Southern New Book” reads: “Looking at the Mid-Autumn Festival in Chang’an, someone heard the ghost’s chanting and said: There are no pedestrians on the six streets and drums, and there are moons in the sky. Work hard, the land in Chang’an is as high as the locust root. Or the west gate of the common cloud is a ghost city.

When the ghost market opened, you could even hear “ghosts” reciting poems, which invisibly increased our weird imagination of ghost markets. Regarding the ghost market of the Tang Dynasty, director Tsui Hark used a cave as the shooting background in his film “Di Renjie: The Empire of Heaven”, showing us a bizarre and fantastic ghost market in his imagination.

Director Bai Shan presented the audience with aGhostly, spookyThe ghost city, the dark environment, and the hideous passers-by are all impressive. In order to create the atmosphere of a ghost city, director Bai Shan asked the team to “shape everyone out of shape, and have a weird feeling that will startle people when they appear on the street during the day”.

Therefore, the audience saw the ghost market with paper money in their hands, and the Taoist priest who appeared on the scene was also holding a villain with a talisman on his head. These character scenes really brought the audience.panica feeling of.

In addition, the tiger-bending beast in “Chang’an Black Tea”, the python in “Gan Tangyi”, the crocodile group in “The God of Tuo”, and the dazzling illusions interspersed in cases such as “Human Mianhua” and “The Tower” , all brought a very shocking visual effect to the audience through special effects.

Because of the increase of fantasy special effects elements, director Bai Shan bluntly said that he was a little uneasy, “To be honest, I have never filmed this theme before, this is the first time I have touched this theme, and I have to incorporate so many special effects elements into it, I am especially afraid of the end. The presentation was not good.”

to this end,The team spent half a year doing post-production special effects“Because it’s impossible to not give time for special effects, it’s useless to have money and no time, it’s all done bit by bit.” You can only keep improving if you leave enough time, but if you are a little lazy, the effect of the picture will be greatly reduced. At the same time, it will also give the audience a “fake and foolish feeling”.

The final presentation effect of the special effects of “Story of the Tang Dynasty” really satisfied the audience, and the overall quality of the episode was improved. The hair and scales of the animals in the play are very detailed and realistic. “Because tigers, pythons… these are all accessible to the audience, so they must not be sloppy and must be realistic.”

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As we all know,Clothing styling is the key to improving the quality of costume dramas. “The Story of Tang Dynasty” also pays great attention to details in this regard. The stylist of the show was once won the Golden Horse Award for “Shadow”.Chen Minzhengteacher.

He and Director Bai Shan have been working together for many years. They have been working together since 2012’s “The Legend of Sheila Le”, and works such as “Brave Heart” and “Yangko” also have Mr. Chen Minzheng’s participation. He is also in the industry Senior detail control.

According to Yang Zhigang, who plays Wuming Su, it took Chen Minzheng 11 hours to complete the character’s styling design, during which he constantly adjusted the shape of the headgear, the curvature of the beard, and the details of the temples. In order to have a three-dimensional effect when taking a close-up of the side face, Su Wuming’s eyebrows were all glued on by the stylist one by one.

In addition to the character modeling, the stone bridge in the “Shiqiao Tu” case where the real murderer was finally revealedTea tasting under the treethe team changed several versions of the plan successively, and finally chose the tea table of Gendiao, just to present the landscape painting-like landscape requested by director Bai Shan.ancient style

The costumes of the four sons of Nanzhou were also revised repeatedly, and the materials of the costumes were changed several times, and finally the famous Nanzhou celebrities who were “fairly fluttering” in the script were able to land.

Because of her background as an actor, Bai Shan’s communication with the actors is also very efficient. “Look at some issues from their point of view” “Give actors more confidence, clearly express their requirements for the role, and avoid ambiguity.”

cypress thinksIn addition to having a global view, the director also needs to mobilize the enthusiasm of the filming staffto eliminate everyone’s sense of estrangement with a relaxed and pleasant creative environment, which is more conducive to collective creation.


Although there is no traffic actor blessing, the victory is that the casting is suitable, and the main creative team makes the drama with heart. “Story of the Tang Dynasty” once again proves that a good drama without traffic will not be buried. The audience can fully feel whether there is respect for the audience and whether it is created with heart.

Last week, the membership update of “Story of the Tang Dynasty” was completed, and the director and starring also revealed in the interaction with netizens that the show will have a second season.

In this interview, Director Bai Shan also confirmed that the second season of the series is on its way, and some netizens’ reasoning about the case also interested him and brought them some creative inspiration. He will communicate with the audience more in the future. I will take a lot of suggestions from the audience and look forward to seeing the audience in the second season of “The Story of Tang Dynasty” as soon as possible.

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