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Straight down ¥400!Beyer Professional Monitor Headphones DT 770PRO, 999 yuan promotion…_music_impedance_design

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Straight down ¥400!Beyer Professional Monitor Headphones DT 770PRO, 999 yuan promotion…_music_impedance_design

Original title: Straight down ¥400! Beyer Professional Monitor Headphones DT 770PRO, 999 yuan promotion…

DT770, as the classic closed flagship model of the Beyerdynamic Evergreen DT series, has a considerable reputation and market share both among headphone enthusiasts and professional recording studios, and its professional version DT770Pro is even more prosperous. It continues Beyer’s steady German style, and its real and natural monitor-level sound quality has become a standard monitor for many singers, music producers, and major recording studios around the world.

Professional monitor-grade sound

For musicians, having a good monitor earphone is like finding a Bole who understands him. The sound of the DT 700 PRO has far exceeded your expectations. The DT770PRO adopts the “diffuse-field” diffuse field and “Bass reflex” low frequency reflection design, which can balance, polish and adjust the recorded music, and accurately restore the instrumental music and vocals, so that the mixed music can still be Clear and audible. Not only that, this headset also allows musicians to more intuitively find problems in audio, and is also conducive to establishing a relatively correct auditory aesthetic for users in learning, resulting in stable and balanced three-frequency, bright high-frequency, and full mid-frequency. High-quality sound performance with deep low frequency dives.

Secondly, it is equipped with a closed structure design, which can attenuate external noise to 16dB to the greatest extent. Even in front of the main monitor speakers, it can create a music space for you to immerse yourself in yourself.

Double low impedance can be easily pushed

In addition, this DT770PRO monitor headphones are equipped with different impedances of 32Ω/80Ω. If you happen to be working outside the home a lot, it can also meet your needs. Just push the phone/computer directly to use. But watch out! For two different impedance choices, you have to see it clearly~

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Impedance also differs in the high and low frequency range due to different coils and different film thicknesses. The 80Ω version does not need to provide support for the coil in the magnetic gap and can be directly connected to the diaphragm, so it has a more prominent and elastic performance in the bass presentation; the 32Ω version is brighter in sound performance.

Continue the high-quality craftsmanship and wearing experience

DT770pro adopts a lightweight design, which fits the curve of the head and reduces the pressure on the head. Professional headphone head beam, genuine leather material. On the premise of ensuring comfort, even if the head beam is stored for a long time, there will be no water seepage in the head beam. Moreover, the button design of the head beam belt makes it more convenient for fans to replace the device by themselves. The white velvet material is wrapped around the earmuffs, which is beautiful and soft, and is also very close and comfortable to wear.

Now Jingdong/Tmall has dropped 400 yuan directly, and you can get 999 directly. The price is very powerful. Friends who like it can start quickly~Return to Sohu, see more


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