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Streetwear Brand WIND AND SEA Celebrates Store Relocation with Limited Edition Collection

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Streetwear Brand WIND AND SEA Celebrates Store Relocation with Limited Edition Collection

WIND AND SEA Streetwear Brand Relocates to Shibuya and Launches Limited Commemorative Products

TOKYO – WIND AND SEA, a popular streetwear brand managed by Takashi Kumagai, has announced its relocation from Nakameguro to Shibuya for its grand opening. In celebration of this milestone, the brand has released a limited series of commemorative products.

Previously, WIND AND SEA collaborated with Taiwanese artist Li Hanqiang in Japan to create a joint series inspired by the bustling streets of Shibuya. Now, with the relocation of the store, the brand aims to provide a more unique and innovative shopping experience for its customers.

The new store space in Shibuya is designed to incorporate the element of “water,” creating a cleaner and more open atmosphere compared to traditional stores. One of the notable features is the glass floor at the center of the interior, creating an illusion of standing on water. The store also employs reflective designs to enhance lighting, providing a visually appealing ambiance. Additionally, the store showcases benches and monuments created by cutting-edge artist YUKI NAKAJO.

To mark the occasion of the relocation and opening, WIND AND SEA has introduced the “WIND AND SEA TOKYO” limited series. The collection includes a variety of items such as Tees, cap Tees, signature Tees, long Tees, handbags, and hats. Prices range from ¥8,250 yen to ¥17,050 yen. The brand also offers its first original clothing items as part of the limited series.

Interested individuals are encouraged to stay updated on the relevant information regarding the “WIND AND SEA TOKYO” limited series. The brand’s new store in Shibuya, located at 1st Floor, Wanshang Building, 1-9-10 Shennan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, can be contacted at 03-5708-5757. The store will open its doors on Saturday, August 5, with business hours from 11:00-19:00. Please note that the store will be closed every Wednesday.

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The WIND AND SEA brand is known for its trendy and fashionable streetwear, and this relocation to Shibuya showcases its commitment to providing customers with a distinctive shopping experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore their unique limited series and indulge in the latest streetwear trends.

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