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Stuck release ‘The Punisher’ MV | Niche Music

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Stuck release ‘The Punisher’ MV | Niche Music

Chicago, Illinois-based alternative rock band Stuck has released the music video for the lead single ‘The Punisher’ from their new album ‘Freak Frequency’, which will be released on May 26th through Born Yesterday Records!

The director is Zack Shorrosh.

Stuck is a quartet of David Algrim, Tim Green, Greg Obis, and Sarah Clausen. A band made up of members of Yeesh, Clearance.

Member Greg Obis is a particularly important person. He belongs to Chicago Mastering Service as a mastering engineer and has been involved in many works for popular labels such as CarPark Records, Sacred Bones, Numero Group, Fire Talk, RVNG Intl. Together with Kevin Fairbairn, I preside over this label Born Yesterday Records.

By label, I have quite a few favorite bands like Caution, Spirits Having Fun, Moontype, and Lifeguard.

It’s a band run by such a person, so it can’t be cool, and it resounded right in the middle of me. The DEVO-like rough feel is good, and above all, the tempo is hyper, not too fast and not too slow. I’m looking forward to the album.

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