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Summer has arrived, get back into shape quickly with targeted treatments

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Summer has arrived, get back into shape quickly with targeted treatments

The first rule is not to reduce at the last moment to counteract cellulite, decrease the waistline, make the body more toned and well shaped. Easy to say, difficult to implement. Most of us become aware of localized fat deposits and skin laxity when the holidays approach and the fateful “swimsuit test” looms. Instead, the situation should be monitored throughout the year, with targeted treatments to be done once / twice a month and constantly applying creams and body oils. But nothing is lost there is still a month ahead and if the situation is not dramatic, you can intervene with hi-tech treatments that in a few sessions reshape the body and restore the lost tone. The important thing, however, is to continue to make them even during the cold months, in order to consolidate the benefits obtained and arrive next summer in perfect shape.

Curvy legs

With the hot season, the legs suffer, become heavy, swelling increases and adds to cellulite and skin laxity. However, it is possible in just 3 weeks to condense the preparation of a year with different treatments that act on the imperfections. «To counteract the swelling of the legs and remodel them, a new concept of pressure therapy is used, at 2.0, which performs a robotic draining massage aimed at eliminating accumulated excess fluids – explains Rosy Reis, owner of the Brasilian Beauty Center in Milan -. In addition to pressotherapy, we work with a latest generation machinery capable of delivering simultaneously: radiofrequency, infrared, ultrasound and photostimulation. The benefits? On the one hand, the temperature of the deep layers of the dermis is raised so as to eliminate the fibroblasts that are no longer elastic and on the other hand a photo-stimulation is created to regenerate them from scratch. LPG Endermologie sessions can then be added which, through the mechanized subcutaneous massage, remove localized adiposity. All these treatments are completed by a Brazilian remodeling massage, a protocol of my creation, which consolidates the effectiveness of the treatments ».

Flat stomach and sinuous legs, here’s how to prepare (quickly) for the upcoming costume test

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Flat stomach

The lack of tone and elasticity of the abdominal muscles has several factors: aging, poor diet, little movement, excessive weight loss and more. To tone the abdomen and make the belly less evident there are several treatments, also in this case they must be used in synergy. «The Thermage Flx is a capacitive monopolar radiofrequency that through electromagnetic waves transmits heat to the skin layers so as to stimulate collagen, fibroblasts, elastin and hyaluronic acid – explains Dr. Carmela Pisano of Acaia Medical Center in Rome and Milan -. The treatment ensures a lifting effect with immediate reduction of laxity. The results are visible almost immediately but consolidate after a month. However, it is necessary to repeat the treatment after a few months. Another effective method is NIR (Near to InfraRed), an infrared laser capable of restoring tone and elasticity to the skin, especially on older patients who have a significant loss of tone. This painless treatment, lasts 30 minutes, recompacts the tissues by lifting them. The infrared are able to read the chromophore of the water, overheat the tissue, reactivate the microcirculation and stimulate the production of new collagen. NIR technology stimulates microcirculation and collagen thanks to the power of heat. 5 to 10 sessions are recommended. These treatments can be combined with subcutaneous carboxytherapy infiltrations, at least a cycle of 10 sessions “.

Goodbye curtain arms

The Americans call them the Bingo Wings, they are the curtain arms, with bat wings that have lost elasticity with the passage of time. In the past, the only solution was surgery, but aesthetic medicine offers valid alternatives, such as the new Seventy Hyal 2000 Body System method by Seventy BG, an Italian company. «It is a kit with a cycle of two treatments, to be done one a month, with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid-based injectables and kinesiological taping. One month after the last treatment, VLift Pro Screws, screw-rolled polydioxanone threads are implanted in the treated area ”, explains Dr. Andrea Marangon from Cardano al Campo. «The infiltration of hyaluronic acid, through micro punctures, not only has the volumizing function of the extracellular matrix, making the arms more toned, but creates an environment that allows a correct intracellular exchange by stimulating the fibroblasts to produce collagen. At the end of the treatment, completely painless, an elastic kinesiological taping is applied to the area which must be kept for a week and it is possible to bathe. After one month, the PDO threads are inserted which follow the orientation of the gravitational directions, thus exerting a support and stretching action on the extracellular matrix making the skin even more toned. It is also possible to perform the treatment on the abdomen ».

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