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Sun Li and his children set up a roadside stall and sat low-key on the roadside for nearly 4 hours | educate children | wait | Xiaohua

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[Epoch Times October 20, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Zhong Youchun reported) After the mainland actress Sun Li married actor Deng Chao, she had 10-year-old son “Wait” and 7-year-old daughter “Xiaohua”. Even if they are busy at work, the two are particularly willing to spend time with their children. On the 19th, Sun Li posted a photo of a roadside stall with a child on Weibo. She was dressed in a low-key dress and sat on the roadside for 4 hours, which aroused heated discussion. (Click to see photos)

Sun Li posted on Weibo on the 19th to share her experience of bringing her children to set up a stall on the weekend. She revealed that a pair of children “sell their own graffiti-designed clothes and notebooks for a total income of 14,741 yuan, which will be donated for the rescue of stray animals.”

In the photo, Sun Li is wearing a mask and hat, wearing a camel-colored cotton-padded jacket, sitting on the side of the road very low-key. Some netizens laughed and said: “You covered it so tightly that you didn’t notice it if you didn’t pay attention!”

Sun Li also revealed that “the weather was a bit cold and the children still stayed in front of the booth for almost 4 hours” that day. He also said that the children are now beginning to have empathy for life, and his son “wait” and said to her “if you raise animals, you must raise stray animals”. At the end, Sun Li asked them “will you come next time?” and they said “must come”. Sun Li’s way of educating her children has attracted the praise of netizens.

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Sun Li usually filmed quietly and quietly. After acting, she often took her children together to knead ceramics, make crafts, bake biscuits, write calligraphy, and paint oil paintings, playing the roles of mother and wife vividly and colorfully. The life of a family of four is colorful.

Sun Li, who has a bright acting career, once defined that success means having time to accompany her children. She said that she is just an ordinary mother, and growing up with her child is the most important thing in her life.

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