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Support Grows for Maripily Rivera in La Casa de los Famous (LCDLF)

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Support Grows for Maripily Rivera in La Casa de los Famous (LCDLF)

During the National Superior Basketball (BSN) match between Los Atlético de San Germán and Los Capitanes de Arecibo, the announcer and comedian Markito had a special message for Lupillo Rivera regarding Maripily Rivera’s nomination on the reality show La Casa de los Famous (LCDLF).

Markito urged the audience to vote for Maripily and expressed confidence that she would prevail over Lupillo in the competition. The fans showed their support by chanting that Maripily is their choice to win, emphasizing their loyalty to Puerto Rico.

This comes as Maripily Rivera faces her sixth nomination on LCDLF, while Patricia Corcino remains safe for another week as the leader. The Puerto Rican businesswoman’s fate will be decided by the public vote, along with her roommates Tierra Rodrigo Romeh, Clovis Nienow, Alana Lliteras, and Paulo Quevedo, as they compete to stay in the house.

In a show of solidarity, a Positioning Catwalk event in support of Maripily Rivera will take place in Puerto Rico this Sunday at Market Place in Hato Rey. The event will showcase Maripily’s collections presented at San Juan Moda and will be followed by a gala in honor of the reality show.

As the competition heats up and the number of contestants dwindles, the final on May 20 draws near. Stay tuned to La Casa de los Famous on Telemundo to see who will be the thirteenth contestant eliminated and who will ultimately emerge victorious. Remember to tune in to vote for your favorite contestants during the nightly galas.

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