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Suspense dramas usher in an explosion of content innovation as a bright spot

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[Sight]Suspense dramas usher in explosive content innovation into highlights

News from our newspaper (reporter Tao Wen) Recently, the suspense drama “gets together” is new. On October 13, the iQIYI Fog Theater, which set off a suspense boom last year, officially returned; on the 14th, the prosecution technology suspense drama “Truth” was broadcast; on the 18th, the urban suspense emotional drama “The Twelfth Second” was ready to go… …

The reality-themed family suspense drama “Octagonal Pavilion Mysterious Fog” directed by Wang Xiaoshuai and Hua Qing is a highly anticipated new work in the fog. The play meticulously portrays a story of fragmentation and reconciliation that occurred in an ordinary family, leading to a deep discussion of social issues such as the original family. “The charm of the Jiangnan water village is undoubtedly displayed in the ink painting-style title. The trend, emotional changes, and intricate case of the Xuanjia story under the water village are very attractive. The good drama and the quality of the film are ready to come out.” Douban netizen “Jinhui” 231″ said the message.

According to Wang Xiaoshuai, different from general suspense works, the play is still under the garb of suspense dramas, exploring and cultivating realistic themes. Rather than focusing on the brain-burning degree of portraying unsettled cases, “Octagonal Pavilion Mystery Fog” pays more attention to reflecting social topics through the suspense background, reflecting the changes of the times, the changes of the family, and the relationship between people in the family. “We create core content based on the social, family, and emotional aspects, and use suspenseful cases to form the overall story structure.” Wang Xiaoshuai said that after watching the drama, the audience can have more associations about truth, family affection, and human nature. , Thinking and touching.

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Through the continuous exploration of new themes, the once niche Chinese suspense dramas are going abroad, setting off an upsurge of “the rise of Chinese dramas” abroad. Last year, “The Hidden Corner”, a suspense drama about the reality of family education, won the “Best Creative Award” at the Asian Content Awards at the Busan International Film Festival, becoming a milestone for the “Chinese Drama Phenomenon” to enter the world. This year, the social reasoning drama “The Silent Truth” was even more rewarding at the Busan International Film Festival Asia Awards, winning a total of including the Best Creative Award, Best Streaming Original TV Drama, Creative Without Borders, etc. The five nominations and the winning of the best streaming media original drama series confirmed the continued recognition of domestically produced original content by international authoritative awards.

How to maintain the competitiveness of suspense dramas? Sun Jiashan, an associate researcher at the Chinese Academy of Art, believes that in addition to maintaining the tight narrative rhythm of the suspense drama, sophisticated production, meticulous story logic and continuous content innovation are indispensable. The suspense drama itself relies on breaking the routine to attract the audience, and only by continuously bringing in freshness can the audience’s attention be retained. Fortunately, domestic original suspense dramas have discovered the inexhaustible “bonanza” of “realism”.

It is reported that there are a lot of suspense dramas to be broadcast this year. In the Fog Theater alone, there are “Who is the Murderer”, “Gold Rush”, “Fatal Wish” and so on.

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