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Suspense film “Door Lock” focuses on women living alone

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  Author: Wang Jinyue

The suspenseful crime movie “The Door Lock” starring Bai Baihe, Bai Ke, and Fan Chengcheng, produced by Five Hundred and directed by Buick, has its premiere in Beijing recently. The film focuses on the social pain point of women’s safety and introduces the dangerous situation faced by women living alone through the film. Show on the big screen. Leading actor Bai Baihe said that he hopes that the film can arouse the whole society’s awareness of the safety of women living alone. “There are also many safety techniques in the film that can help women.”

According to data from the Civil Affairs Bureau, in 2021, there are nearly 92 million people living alone in my country, of which nearly 40 million are women living alone, accounting for 42.1%. In recent years, news of accidents by single women living alone has appeared from time to time, and voices calling for attention to women’s safety have gradually become mainstream, and the movie “Door Lock” has emerged as the times require.

“Door Lock” tells the story of Fang Hui, played by Bai Baihe, living a two-point-one-line life in a big city. Her rented house is about to expire. The staff of the rental agency kept urging her to move, and she was surprised to find that , The toilet paper on the toilet in my bathroom shows signs of being used. Subsequently, the electronic door lock of her house was violently pulled from outside the door, and she was so frightened that she did not dare to breathe. Until one day, she and her girlfriend found out that there was a masked man standing outside her door…

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The director Buick revealed his original intention on the spot. It turns out that the story of “The Door Lock” is derived from the real experience of his friends. “Five or six years ago, several of my friends experienced similar things, and some of them were used in the movie. The bridge segment, such as the scene of Qiao Xiaoman’s accident in the film, is true. Every time I see these news about women living alone, I am very shocked and distressed. I think women living alone is a topic worthy of discussion. We mainly The purpose is to use the power of movies to make the safety issues of many women living alone get more people’s attention.”

Producer Five Hundred said that this is the first film he has produced. In addition to ensuring the integrity and suspense of the script, he also hopes to show the malicious and criminal behavior of individuals towards women more thoroughly and give the audience more. Think more.

“My own personality is quite different from Fang Hui in the film. I am a person who is not very good at counseling when things happen. If it were me, I would definitely resist. I won’t be able to shoot this scene at the beginning.” Fang Hui’s Bai Baihe laughed like this, but after filming this movie, for a while, “I’m suspicious and dare not take the elevator alone. I always feel that when the elevator door is closed, a hand will come in and I will know how to do it. Fill a lot of pictures.”

Bai Ke played the mysterious villain Zheng Fei in the film this time. “For this character, I have no face to say, I can only say to everyone: I’m sorry.” He revealed that as a male, he had been secretly photographed at home. Fortunately, the other party photographed him playing games alone for a day, and then installed screens, “I think you don’t need to be too nervous, because everyone has received various safety education since childhood, parents are also reminding you to put these A sense of safety is planted in your heart, so you don’t need to be particularly nervous. Not only women, but men also have to pay attention to protecting themselves.” And Bai Baihe, who stood on the side, smiled puns, “Bad people always dress themselves well-mannered.”

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Actor Fan Chengcheng played the role of a security guard in the building where Fang Hui was renting in the film. He showed women living alone how to raise their safety awareness on the spot. “For example, after taking the takeaway, try to cross out your personal information as much as possible; Use the title of Mr. XX to order takeaways, not Ms. XX; some men’s clothes and supplies are hanging in the house, which gives the impression that there is a man in the house.”

Liu Xunzimo’s “Famous Li Wan” is currently in theaters. He rushed to the premiere of “The Door Lock” to cheer his friend Bai Ke, “I was pleasantly surprised to see Bai Ke’s performance! He has been adjusting himself for the past two years. This time I finally played the role I most wanted to play-a gentle scum. The director can pay attention to the realistic topic of women living alone, which is particularly meaningful. I hope that after the movie is released, it can arouse the discussion of the whole society.” It is reported that “The Door Lock” It was screened nationwide since yesterday. (Wang Jinyue)

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