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Sustaining Success: How IP Can Continue to Thrive in the Next Decade

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Sustaining Success: How IP Can Continue to Thrive in the Next Decade

Ten years after its inception, the “Bear Bears” series is still going strong, breaking box office records and becoming the best-selling IP in domestic animation. With a cumulative box office exceeding 1.845 billion yuan for its latest installment, “Bear Bears: Reverse Time and Space,” the franchise has amassed over 7.5 billion yuan in total box office revenue.

The success of “Bear Bears” can be attributed to its long-term thinking and continuous innovation. The series has expanded beyond just cartoons, delving into books, toys, stage plays, theme parks, and more, reaching licensing agreements with over 300 brands. This approach has not only increased the IP’s value but also broadened its audience and market impact.

From a production standpoint, the development of “Bear Bears” reflects the advancements in domestic animation production, with improvements in visuals and storytelling. The series aims to cater to a wide audience, striking a balance between children and adults to ensure universal appeal.

Despite the success of “Bear Bears,” the animation industry faces challenges, such as the lack of variety in content and the presence of violent or inappropriate themes in some works. However, these challenges also present opportunities for new IPs to emerge and cater to the growing demands of young audiences.

As children remain a significant market for cultural entertainment, the industry must continue to explore and cultivate new IPs, much like Disney has done with its vast array of characters and stories. By offering fresh and engaging content, the animation industry can inspire creativity and imagination in children while also promoting positive values and educational content.

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Cartoons play a crucial role in shaping the minds of young viewers, influencing their values and beliefs. As such, the industry must prioritize the creation of meaningful and educational content that nourishes the minds of children. Ultimately, the success of an animation lies not only in its box office performance but also in its ability to impact and inspire generations of viewers.

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