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Sveva Casati Modignani: “Milan is the most dangerous city in Italy”

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Sveva Casati Modignani: “Milan is the most dangerous city in Italy”

“Milan is the most dangerous city in Italy and is becoming increasingly unlivable.” The writer Sveva Casati Modignani, 85 years old, interviewed by Maria Latella in the program “None is perfect” on Radio 24, criticizes «the green Milan so praised by our mayor. In reality it is a city where concrete is rampant, traffic has been punished with cycle paths and ambulances do not pass. From an urban planning point of view, unclean things are being done. To this we add the insecurity of those who walk in the center as well as in the suburbs and who every two by three encounter people who prey on you when things are going well and who beat you when things are bad”.

Bitter is the consideration of the Milanese writer who dedicated her latest book “Life is beautiful, despite” to optimism (Sperling & Kupfer): «I’m sorry that my city, which was beautiful, has gotten worse after the construction of the skyscrapers , which have nothing to do with a large reality like Milan, while they make sense in New York where there is little space. Even the Vertical Forest makes no sense in a city full of gardens, and think what would happen if it were no longer irrigated: it would become a ghostly spectacle. These new neighborhoods are soulless and historyless. They are dehumanizing a city that was beautiful.”

Referring to the title of the fourth chapter of the series that began with “Family celebration” Casati Modignani explains: «Life is beautiful despite everything that happens to us. It is not kind to any of us, especially to anyone, but even when everything is dark, at a certain point the sun comes out and life regains its strength.” The protagonists are always the inseparable friends Andreina, Carlotta, Gloria and Maria Sole: «Almost sisters who grow together, helping each other and cultivating a sense of sisterhood. What I would like to arise spontaneously among all women. The chauvinist system, on the other hand, has always historically pitted us against each other. Women, if they work together, are much better than men. They all have their problems, but they can help each other. If they tell themselves truthfully what oppresses them it can already be a relief.”

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There is also a reference to current events: «The girls who took to the streets are tired of the vile murderers who kill a woman every day considering her as an object. Giulia Cecchettin’s femicide was the detonator of this anger. Men make use of physical strength, but have little moral strength. Filippo Turetta killed Giulia, but spared himself, considering her life of greater value.”

Sveva Casati Modignani is the pseudonym that Bice Cairati used to write novels together with her husband Nullo Cantaroni, who passed away in 2004, and which she then continued to use, producing a total of 39 books.

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