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Swami Lateplate – Doom Jazz II – Album Review

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Swami Lateplate – Doom Jazz II – Album Review

Swami Lateplate – Doom Jazz II
Origin: New York / USA
Release: 15.09.2023
Label: Subsound Records
Duration: 01:00:23
Genre: Experimental Free Jazz / Fusion / Dark Jazz

It has now been almost two years since the two exceptional New York musicians met Bobby Previte and Jamie Saft as Swami Lateplate in a pioneering role in things Doom Jazz hatched and released an album of the same name. Now the successor is ready and presents itself as Doom Jazz II entirely in the tradition of its predecessor.

And again the two demonstrate a great feel for finely tuned percussion and an airy and unobtrusive melody. Compared to its predecessor it is up Doom Jazz II significantly more going on. Sparkling keyboard chords often accompany the bass lines.

However, the more lifeless songs on the duo’s first record together were more convincing for my taste. Doom Jazz II is much denser and richer, which doesn’t always go well with the three songs. The first two compositions are constructed somewhat disjointedly for my taste and you often get the impression that music was just being played.

That basically has its charm. Here, however, the songs seem exhaustingly hectic, which is what the name means Doom Jazz is a little misleading. The first two songs in particular, the first side of the record so to speak, make use of these elements. But here too you can hear fat organ sounds, albeit from a Yamaha organ.

The further development of the previous concept

For the second side or the third song Deception, you use a Hammond organ. This roars here over the bluesy rhythms. A tribute to Jon Lord? One could easily come to the conclusion that this is doom blues of the finest kind. For me this song is the best on the record.

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Jamie Saft and Bobby Previte try on Doom Jazz II, to vary the excellent concept of the equalized, orphaned predecessor. This was successful, but the album seems disjointed in parts and, especially in the first part of the record, the musicians simply solo along. At the highest level, that should already be mentioned.

The Doom Jazz concept is based on the duo’s second strike Swami Lateplate no longer fully. Nevertheless, Doom Jazz II benefits from the class of musicians and their willingness to experiment. The swearing at a high level is therefore certainly in 8 / 10 noticeable.

Line Up
Bobby Previte – drums
Jamie Saft – Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Bass

01. The New Friend
02, Everyone Is Aware
03. Deception

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