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Swan Valley Heights – Terminal Forest

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Swan Valley Heights – Terminal Forest

(c) Diana Kreisl

Timeless sounds and infinite expanses led Swan Valley Heights on a musical journey between stoner, fuzz and psych. They toured with Truckfighters and Color Haze, played at festivals and at the same time continued to develop their own sound. For their latest work, the trio from Munich and Berlin withdrew to a wooden hut in the middle of the forest to be creative. The result, „Terminal Forest“can be more than heard.

The ‘boarding hurdle’ takes more than eleven minutes to complete: “Microbe Forest” ventures hesitantly into the shallows of Swan Valley Heights. Slowly but steadily more instruments are added, the musical ups and downs are explored, and some heaviness erupts. Playing with ebb and flow has post-rock qualities, the long, instrumental interludes dare to go on a great journey of discovery. Behind it “The Hunger” rears up, comparatively short and direct, a bit short-tempered, and yet so skillfully balanced. Almost meditative singing embeds itself like another instrument in the arrangement, the cleverly interspersed intensity really puts you in a good mood.

One breaks with any expectations and templates with growing enthusiasm. This is illustrated, among other things, by “Star Fever”, which sheds its skin several times, another epic with a wonderful space soundscape at the beginning, which lulls you, which offers the stage for tentative advances. The first highlight follows after five minutes. Desert Stoner intensity meets shimmering, alienated vocals, brute broadsides prepare for the next interstellar caesura. And then there is the big crescendo, unbelievably oppressive, dismantling everything, almost unbearable in its sheer uncompromisingness and force.

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Once again, Swan Valley Heights takes them on a wonderfully idiosyncratic journey, once again the uncompromising and at the same time playful presentation knows how to completely inspire. The trio floats on a kind of cloud, mesmerized and enchanted, only to fall through the door at the right moment. “Terminal Forest” consolidates the previous work on a high level, strives for additional hardness and even more depth, search for meaning, spacey rides. Swan Valley Heights finally establish themselves as fuzz magicians of the playful kind.

Rating: 8/10

Available from: 03/31/2023
Available via: Fuzzorama Records (Bertus)

Website: www.swanvalleyheights.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/swanvalleyheights

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