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Sweet and cool costume drama “Pretend Time” kills Xu Zhengxi and Meng Ziyi join forces to break the mystery-Qianlong.com.cn

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Source title: The sweet and cool costume drama “Pretend Time” was completed, Xu Zhengxi and Meng Ziyi teamed up to break the mystery

Recently, it was produced by Penguin Films, produced by Chinese Light Shadow, directed by director Zhou Jiawen, written by Wang Hong and He Wenzhe, starred by Xu Zhengxi and Meng Ziyi, and starred by Zhu Yuanbing, Su Mengyun, Yi Yunhe, Li Qing, Zhang Xinyi, Li Fei, Jiang Shan, Jiao Yu, Huang Ziqi and other co-stars co-starred in the sweet and refreshing costume drama “Time to Make”, which was successfully completed, and the crew released materials such as special editions and photos. In the play, the prince Ji Yuansu (played by Xu Zhengxi) and Hua Liuli (played by Mencius), the daughter of the military commander, went from alienation to side by side as the main line, sketching many splendid portraits of youth, with various characters appearing one after another to jointly complete a sweet and spicy drama. Dream trip.

Seriously do “Qingxi” and define the new fashion of ancient clothing with ingenuity

A corner of the veil of creation after the opening of the finalized special, the concise space covers many contents such as service design, on-site shooting scheduling, etc. “Time to Create” uses a rigorous attitude to create light and high-quality dramas. In the released stills, the gorgeous costumes have aroused wide acclaim. The play has changed from the popular minimalist style, looking for inspiration from traditional buns, tailoring elegant and novel hairstyles for the characters, and trying to present the atmosphere in the costumes The effect of sophistication and graceful elegance. The crew insisted on filming in real scenes as much as possible, and controlled many large scenes and manpower, showing the old-fashioned filming experience and the determination to make dramas steadfastly. The main creative team dares to break the routine and strive for perfection in a pragmatic style, which reflects the unique characteristics of this drama without taking shortcuts and bringing forth new ideas. The selection of actors is also very sincere. On the premise of ensuring that they fit the roles, all the cast members are of good looks and work together to create the ultimate visual enjoyment.

In the play, Ji Yuansu and Hua Liuli used exaggerated behaviors to hide the truth in order to find out the truth of the old age more smoothly. Because the two have “notorious names”, Ji Yuansu made people shy away as soon as they appeared, and Hua Liuli was equally confusing. In the play, they will fight with other forces of all parties who have the same intentions, and many unexpected happy horse-grabbing plots are born. “Pretentious Time” polishes the story with the spirit of “pretentiousness” and unconventional research, and finds a new way to arouse the audience’s taste buds.

Gentle, warm and healing Xu Zhengxi Mencius breaks through difficulties

“Pretend Time” conveys the positive values ​​that the haze will eventually dissipate and the heart of a child is precious through the method of “writing in the dark”. The prince Ji Yuansu and Hua Liuli, the daughter of the frontier military commander, are both career-oriented protagonists. They grew up in a happy and favorable environment and have a high sense of responsibility for protecting their country. After Hua Liuli was shoved into Beijing from the side, Ji Yuansu wanted to work with her to find out the truth of the old past, but Hua Liuli, who had her own plans, deliberately avoided this difficult person under the condition of “information asymmetry”. “The King of Cold Noodles”. As a result, a “he chased her to escape” drama full of funny oolong sense was staged. How Hua Liuli will solve the misunderstanding of Ji Yuansu step by step, and how they will work together to overcome difficulties and protect their loved ones, will be the highlight of this play. Adhering to the right path will eventually lead to the opening of the clouds and the moon, and in the process of clarifying the chaos, the two who let go of their disguise and become increasingly close may also usher in the blossoming of heart flowers.

Shuangqiang meets the tiger and the tiger is strong, how to continue the romance, and wait for “Pretentious Time” to meet the audience on Tencent Video as soon as possible.

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