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Sydney shopping: they identified the attacker with the knife, he was 40 years old and had mental problems

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Sydney shopping: they identified the attacker with the knife, he was 40 years old and had mental problems

Ruling out any trace of any connection with terrorism, the Australian police identified the man who killed six people stabbed and left 12 injured in a busy Sydney shopping centre: this is Joel Cauchi, 40 years oldwho had a history of mental problems and was killed by a policewoman who confronted him at the Westfield Shopping Center in Bondi Junction, shooting him in the chest.

The episode, which keeps Australian society in a state of shock due to the crude images that emerged, occurred at a time when the shopping center was full of customers.

Gauchi, a native of the northeastern state of Queensland, was known to authorities by his medical history, and it was emphasized that “nothing” suggests that “he had any particular motivation, ideological or otherwise, for the attack,” he said in a statement. press conference by the deputy commissioner of the state of New South Wales, Anthony Cooke. ““We know that the attacker in question suffered from mental health problems.”he stressed.

Cauchi had photos on his social networks in Queensland and had recently moved to New South Wales, where Sydney is located, but had no fixed residence. “She was living with schizophrenia,” Cooke said.

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Local media have recovered other messages written by Cauchi on Facebook. In 2020, at an outdoor activity group in the city of Brisbane, the killer said that “he wanted to join some group of people who shoot guns.”

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Cauchi had no fixed address in Sydney and police do not believe he knew any of his victims.

On the other hand, Keren Webb, another head of the New South Wales state police, reported a balance of six dead, five women and one man. This latest victim, a 30-year-old man, was a Pakistani national, the Pakistani-Australian National Association (APNA) said in a statement. It is believed that the murdered man was a security guard and another of the deceased was a mother of two children.

Among the victims is a woman named Dawn Singleton25, daughter of a prominent local businessman, John Singleton.

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Jade Young 47, was identified as another victim of the Bondi Junction stabbing.

In addition, twelve people had to be taken to the hospital, including a nine-month-old baby who is “serious but stable”, according to the police. His mother, who had been seriously injured in the attack, died.

Other attacks in Australia

It should be noted that these types of attacks are quite unusual in Australia. In November 2018, an individual armed with a knife killed one person and injured two others on a Melbourne street, before being shot dead by police. The crime was claimed by the Islamic State jihadist group.

In 2019, at least four people were killed and one injured in a mass shooting in Darwin, northern Australia.

In April 1996, a mass shooting that became known as the Port Arthur massacre, the deadliest in modern Australian history, occurred when 35 people were killed in the resort town in the state of Tasmania.

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