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Taiwanese singer Ye Shengqin died of cancer at the age of 47

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Taiwanese singer Ye Shengqin died of cancer at the age of 47

[Epoch Times, March 11, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen comprehensive report) 47-year-old Taiwanese singer Ye Shengqin, who debuted as the champion of the campus group of the “21st Century Newcomer Singing Ranking”, was shocked today (11) because of bone marrow cancer Died at the age of 47, the news shocked the Taiwanese music scene. After he was diagnosed with cancer, he kept a low profile until his death. Many friends in the circle were very sad to hear the bad news today.

According to Ye Shengqin’s friends to “Apple News”, Ye Shengqin (Facebook photo) died of illness on February 26, and was cremated on March 6 in a low-key manner. There was no farewell ceremony, no public sacrifice, not even a family sacrifice. Only a few close relatives and friends were present to give him the last ride of his life.

When talking about this old friend, veteran artist Ma Niu reluctantly said that Ye Shengqin has a low-key nature and does not allow friends to visit even when he is in the ward. When he is sick, he always understates his own condition. Recovery time “We have been in contact since he fell ill, but I really didn’t expect it to be so serious, it’s really a pity.”

Zeng Yalan, who once sang “Hand in Hand” with Ye Shengqin (click here), also mourned on Facebook, “I feel that you are full of love for singing, and also feel your serious attitude in doing things. Even thoughtfully reminded me to find a time to rest. Thank you for giving me a rare opportunity to create a beautiful experience in life. I believe that you must be the most handsome angel in heaven, and continue to create and sing the best songs. I will always remember you well.”

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