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Take it away!Big Star|Jiang Yiyi Shares Deyun Girl’s Happy Things and Hopes to Make a Puppet Show This Year_Entertainment_When_When

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Take it away!Big Star|Jiang Yiyi Shares Deyun Girl’s Happy Things and Hopes to Make a Puppet Show This Year_Entertainment_When_When

Original title: Take it away!Big Star|Jiang Yiyi Shares Deyun Girl’s Happy Things and Hopes to Make a Puppet Show This Year

Sohu Entertainment News (Ma Rongling/Wen Mengsha/Interview, Video Suki/Tu Keming/Video) Recently, Jiang Yiyi was a guest on Sohu Video’s self-produced variety show “Take Away!” superstar”. This year is Jiang Yiyi’s first appearance on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The song “Youth to the Sun” shows youthful vitality and is full of positive energy. During the interview, Jiang Yiyi said frankly that she was nervous, excited and happy to participate in the Spring Festival Gala.

There were many interesting things backstage at the Spring Festival Gala. Jiang Yiyi revealed that she would be a little bit reluctant to let go on stage, and was teased by Peng Yuchang like an old cadre. And the partner Chen Linong has his own social cattle attributes, and the leader of the atmosphere group took care of the whole thing and led everyone to cheer up together.

As a loyal fan of Deyun Club, Jiang Yiyi shared the things that made her special. She went to the scene to watch the performance and was so happy, “I was laughing all the time. I really love to listen.” She was still in the air Call out: “If they have time and they have extra tickets, please think of me, teacher.”

Recently, Jiang Yiyi’s portrait photos of Jianghu youth and princess style have amazed everyone, and her compatibility with the puppet is full. Speaking of this, Jiang Yiyi expressed that she hopes to have the opportunity to act in a puppet show this year. In addition, she also responded to the comment that she is so beautiful that she has a sense of mixed blood, and said that she didn’t think she was very good-looking, and she dared not take on the role of a peerless beauty.

Sohu Entertainment: How does it feel to be on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala this time?

Jiang Yiyi: Very nervous, very excited, very happy.

Sohu Entertainment: Can you tell me if there was any interesting thing happened backstage at the Spring Festival Gala?

Jiang Yiyi: When the few of us were rehearsing, the director team said that you are not happy enough now, you are a little too straight, you need to be more happy, you need to be more happy. Maybe my brother Peng Yuchang and I can’t let go, but Chen Linong next to him will get high. He is very good at bringing atmosphere, he said at the first time that you should mobilize your emotions, and the first time he said to the whole lounge, friends over there come together. We thought he was a social cow next to him. Then the director said “You’re a bit too ladylike now”, I rarely hear people say that about me, and at this time I was both happy and sad. Brother Peng Yuchang said that you look too much like an old cadre now, you two should really be happy.

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Sohu Entertainment: When you were young, were you ever cueed by your relatives and friends at the dinner table to perform?

Jiang Yiyi: When I was very young, there seemed to be some, such as singing a song, but I was quite rebellious when I was young. If I wanted to perform, you can’t let me sing for everyone. Someone wants to sing for you. But you can’t control me, if I don’t want to sing, you say “Yiyi will perform a show for everyone” or “sing a song for everyone”, I will say “no”.

Sohu Entertainment: I heard that you are a loyal fan of Deyun Club, and you have cooperated with them in variety shows before, so will it be more convenient to buy tickets now?

Jiang Yiyi: I just secretly said if there are any internal tickets for us to see, but there may not be too many large-scale performances a while ago. But there was also a chance that I went to see the scene, and I was laughing the whole time, I really love to listen, who knows.

Sohu Entertainment: After that, will you make an agreement with them that you will be allowed to go if there is a ticket?

Jiang Yiyi: There is no agreement. If they have time and they have extra tickets, please think of me.

Sohu Entertainment: Recently, you have two sets of photos that amazed many people. Everyone said that they feel that you and the puppet are fully compatible. Then in 2023, is there any chance to really arrange something to satisfy everyone?

Jiang Yiyi: Thank you, I hope there will be, but I dare not promise anything to everyone, I also hope there will be.

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Sohu Entertainment: I saw fans saying that your two looks of Jianghu teenager and princess style are full of CP sense, and they said that they support your sister to play both male and female protagonists.

Jiang Yiyi: I really like cross-dressing, like the Nezha I played before, but if the producer, teacher, director, and teacher are willing to let me play both male and female leads… I guess I won’t, male and female It is strange that the Lord shares a face.

Sohu Entertainment: So everyone made up a lot of characters for you. Which of the following three characters do you think is the most interesting? The first one is a cool female general, confident and strong with a heart for the world; the second one is the prostitute daughter of the Zanying family, a black-bellied queen with a clear and high IQ; the third one is a little princess with an overpowering appearance, a strong woman After spoiling and crying, which one do you think is more suitable for you or do you want to challenge?

Jiang Yiyi: In fact, I should consider that I have never acted in these three types, and I would like to challenge them all. Can’t adults have all of them? (laughing out loud)

Sohu Entertainment: There is a saying on the Internet that you are so recognizable because of your mixed blood, so would you like an official response?

Jiang Yiyi: I think I may have nothing. It is true that my father’s family has German blood, a little bit, but I am already the fifth generation, so I may not be able to see anything.

Sohu Entertainment: But wouldn’t there be atavistic inheritance?

Jiang Yiyi: The second generation and the third generation can be separated. I am the fifth generation, so I may not be able to see anything.

Sohu Entertainment: Then do you think beauty has brought you any advantages or troubles?

Jiang Yiyi: I’m afraid people will say that, because I sincerely think I’m not that good-looking. Every time I see people on the Internet saying something to watch, I feel guilty. Maybe everyone will look good in the future if they have a shape, and they can use their own advantages, but I really don’t think I look good.

Sohu Entertainment: Beauty is all about self-confidence!

Jiang Yiyi: Yes, people need to be confident, we are the most beautiful no matter what we look like, but I really don’t think I am very good-looking.

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Sohu Entertainment: Now many people are attracted by your good looks, do you want to give full play to your strengths and take on more peerless beauties and lead actresses who are all over the world?

Jiang Yiyi: If it is set up as a peerless beauty, an overpowering country, I am not so daring to accept it, because if she has such a setting, she must be the most beautiful. Sometimes you may feel that everyone is beautiful in this drama, and you suddenly say that she is the most beautiful, but I may prefer the other one, I think she is more beautiful, how to convince the audience at this time is how you make the audience believe her She is a peerless beauty, the number one beauty in the world, it still depends on the character.

Sohu Entertainment: Then do you prefer characters with charisma?

Jiang Yiyi: Charm, yes.

Sohu Entertainment: When you were young, you always played some tragic characters, and you even shed tears when you think of the stories. Are you very empathetic?

Jiang Yiyi: I think I should be regarded as relatively strong in empathy, like how old I was when I was a child. I didn’t go to kindergarten, and I couldn’t cry when I watched “Finding Nemo” next to me. My cousin asked me if you were crying What, I will be sad because I poked it with a small spot, maybe its father has separated from it, and I will feel that it can’t find its father, and I will start to feel sad.

Sohu Entertainment: Then do you think this is a job rewarded by God?

Jiang Yiyi: I think it is true that strong empathy may help actors, so thank you.

Sohu Entertainment: Looking back on 2022, what do you most want to say to yourself last year?

Jiang Yiyi: You are really great, you have done a good job, come on! There is nothing wrong with being firm in yourself, believe in yourself.

Sohu Entertainment: Do you have any new plans for performing arts in 2023?

Jiang Yiyi: Because I will graduate from university in 2023, I also hope that I can work more this year, which is also a good wish.

Sohu Entertainment: Everyone is looking forward to your resident crew.

Jiang Yiyi: Okay, I will try my best.Return to Sohu to see more

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