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Take it away!Big star 丨 Su Xiaotong: Worrying about being limited by the cute image and trying to become a Liu Genghong girl_Entertainment_What_Works

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Take it away!Big star 丨 Su Xiaotong: Worrying about being limited by the cute image and trying to become a Liu Genghong girl_Entertainment_What_Works

Original title: Take it away!Big star丨Su Xiaotong: Worrying about being restricted by the cute image and trying to become a Liu Genghong girl

Sohu Entertainment News (Yi 234/Wen Responsible Editor/Qianqian) On June 24, Su Xiaotong was a guest on Sohu Video’s self-produced variety show “Hold it away!” “Big Star”, for the second season of the variety show “Twenty Years Old”, Su Xiaotong said that the most attractive thing about the show is that there are many unexpected storylines in it, which are relatively novel and always have surprises. Su Xiaotong, who was born in 1998 , and even more bluntly said that they have been unable to keep up with the rhythm of the post-00 guests in the show, and I also admire their attitudes that they dare to express directly.

Since the TV series “Forty-nine Days Festival” officially entered the entertainment industry, Su Xiaotong has almost experienced nearly ten years of acting career. Fortunately, although her works are not many, the quality of each work is quite solid. In the early years, the blockbuster small-budget film “What’s in the Darkness” was nominated for the most taboo actress at the Shanghai International Film Festival. More viewers saw her. Although he has received a lot of affirmation, Su Xiaotong said that he will review his performance every time, reflect on his shortcomings and make improvements.

Su Xiaotong also has a lot of expectations for the upcoming filming of “Juvenile Chronicles of the Song Dynasty”. In addition to clarifying the box lunch that everyone is concerned about, she also revealed that the crew has always been in touch. For the next work, Su Xiaotong also shallow spoilers After a while, she said that she is still looking forward to appearing in youth school dramas.

Sohu Entertainment: What is the most attractive thing about the program for you to record “Twenty Years Old” this time?

Su Xiaotong: Unexpected storyline! It is that you never know what will happen in the next second, which is very interesting.

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Sohu Entertainment: Most of the guests this time are post-00s. What is your biggest feeling when you watch it?

Su Xiaotong: I think I can’t keep up with their rhythm. They are quite direct and brave to express some of their own ideas.

Sohu Entertainment: There is a word mentioned in the program that is “risk averse”. Because they are afraid of taking risks, they will avoid them in advance. For example, if they are afraid of being rejected by others, they simply do not express themselves. Do you agree with this view?

Su Xiaotong: I think everyone has their own way of thinking. If it were me, I would be a proactive type, because I think the result is not important, but the process.

Sohu Entertainment: Everyone says “The daughter of iron, the son-in-law of Liushui”, if you also regard your role as your daughter, which son-in-law is your most satisfied?

Su Xiaotong: The next one is the best. I often see some fans who say that the next one is the best, and then I have to remember it.

Looking forward to “The Great Song 2” having a good ending, three lives and three lives need to see fate

Sohu Entertainment: “Da Song Juvenile Chronicles” officially announced the return of the original cast. Everyone is looking forward to it. You mentioned the box lunch in the easter egg. Are everyone afraid that it means receiving the box lunch?

Su Xiaotong: I want to explain the box lunch, because in the first season, I was a logistics person, often cooking for Daji, and my cooking skills are very good, but in fact, I haven’t seen the script of the second part yet, of course I Hope it’s a good ending, I hope I don’t get a box lunch!

Sohu Entertainment: “The Great Song 2” is about to start filming. Has the WeChat group of Qizhai started to become lively?

Su Xiaotong: Actually, it wasn’t just the second official announcement that our WeChat group became lively. Usually, everyone would chat in it and keep listening to the excitement.

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Sohu Entertainment: There are still many works to meet with you. “Black and White Password” has just been completed. Can you give a little spoiler?

Su Xiaotong: The emotional line in this drama is a bit like Romeo and Juliet. I feel that the spoilers are enough here, and more people should stay in the broadcast! Can bring you more little surprises.

Sohu Entertainment: The second match of the dream in “The Royal Gift of Little Treasures” was also realized this time. At that time, it was said to be a police and bandit type. Do you think that you are a prophet?

Su Xiaotong: It’s just a coincidence, and I have the fate to shoot “Black and White Code”, and I’m not a prophet, because I didn’t have a specific position for my next plays. I think the content is still the most important. If everything in the script is ok, maybe it will go to filming.

Sohu Entertainment: Little Goldfish and Chu Chu have already had their past and present lives. Do you want to consummate the three lives and three lives next?

Su Xiaotong: Three lives and three lives, let’s see fate!

I am worried that I will be limited by my cute image and try my best to become a Liu Genghong girl

Sohu Entertainment: During the live broadcast at that time, in addition to mentioning police and bandits, it also mentioned campus dramas.

Su Xiaotong: Actually, I myself would like to see myself acting in a school drama, and I am looking forward to it. Maybe it will be the next one.

Sohu Entertainment: According to your previous interview, you will reflect on your performance after filming, so is this an attitude of excellence in your bones?

Su Xiaotong: If you look back at some of your own works, you must have some regrets or something that could be better. Only by seeing your own shortcomings can you make progress.

Sohu Entertainment: Many people started to be fans of Xiaojing. Are you worried that you won’t be able to jump out of this cute and pure image?

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Su Xiaotong: I’m worried. Actually, what I’m worried about is that after the audience sees me like this, they may think that I can only act like this type, so I’m going to try more different things to let them see me more possibilities.

Sohu Entertainment: I said earlier that I wanted to try a role that is very different from my own. Has it come true now?

Su Xiaotong: I think yes.

Sohu Entertainment: I said before that it is the happiest thing to do what you want to do and pursue your dreams. What are your goals and expectations?

Su Xiaotong: I don’t really set goals for myself, because I feel that it is difficult to achieve. Even in a short period of time, I still have to read the script down-to-earth, and go step by step, just work hard.

Sohu Entertainment: Fans have given you a lot of nicknames. Some people say you look like Moore from “Moore Manor”, and some people say you look like an arctic rabbit.

Su Xiaotong: Actually, it’s quite similar, because I saw more of the animation of the Arctic rabbit before. I saw a lot of people compare that animation with me, and it was really similar. I also heard a lot of people say that, after all, my fans are arctic rabbits! I think it’s cute and appropriate.

Sohu Entertainment: Recently, many netizens have started exercising. Have you ever brushed the shuttlecock exercises in Liu Genghong’s “Compendium of Materia Medica”?

Su Xiaotong: I got it, of course I got it, it’s so hot,

Sohu Entertainment: Did you skip along? Have you considered recording a vlog for fans to submit homework?

Su Xiaotong: Everyone can do fitness in their spare time. I will have a lot of business in the future, and various vlogs will be launched frequently. It is not bad for Liu Genghong, but I also strive to be a Liu Genghong girl.Return to Sohu, see more

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