Home Entertainment Tan Junyan, son of Ti Lung, sees the emperor tearfully thanking his parents and family | Wanqianxinghui Awards Ceremony | Best Actor

Tan Junyan, son of Ti Lung, sees the emperor tearfully thanking his parents and family | Wanqianxinghui Awards Ceremony | Best Actor

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[Epoch Times News on January 3, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia comprehensive report) Hong Kong martial arts star Ti Lung (formerly known as Tan Fu Rong)’s actor son Tan Junyan (Shaun), was awarded TVB “Ten Thousand Thousands” for “The Truth About Changing Life” “Best Actor” in “Star Awards Ceremony”. In addition, he became the “Favourite TVB Actor” in Malaysia earlier, and he became the Emperor of Shuangliu.

At the “Thousands of Stars Award Ceremony” held on January 2, Tan Junyan was emotional and shed tears on the scene. When he came to the stage to receive the award, he thanked the actors, directors, and producers of the same show, as well as his parents and family members.

He said to his mother who was sitting in the audience applauding and taking pictures of him: “I want to say’I’m sorry’ to my mommy. I have rarely called you in the past few years. It’s not because I don’t love you, but because my surname is Tan. The man puts everything in his heart, including my love for you. Mommy, I Love You!”

Tan Junyan revealed to the audience: “My son won the prize last week, and I was happier than myself.” Then he said to his unsmiling father, Dillon, “I am very happy to bring you this joy today.” And sweet. Confession: “Wife, you are everything to me, without you, I can’t get this award. I Love You!”

Tan Junyan, who has been in the arts for more than 20 years, said in an interview with Hong Kong media at the end of last year: “The battle for the emperor must have the right time and place, and if there is a chance, I will try my best.”

When asked if he was eager to win the emperor, Tan Junyan was eager to try and gave an affirmative answer unabashedly. He said frankly that because of the high pressure to support his family, if he finishes the award, he can have a more stable job and income, and the family’s economic conditions will be improved.

“A series of expenditures such as lamp oil, firewood, firewood, rice, oil, salt, housing, children’s tuition, etc. are very large. Every month is very tight, sometimes even with a deposit subsidy. You can only save money as much as possible. Even your beloved motorcycle has to save 2 I dare to buy money only when I am young.” Tan Junyan uttered bitterness at the time, expressing the bitterness of the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

Tan Junyan is the son of Hong Kong martial arts star Ti Lung. This time he won the award under the witness of his father, which is of special significance to him. At the age of 41 this year, he formally signed a contract as an artist under Wireless in 2016, starring in dramas including “Destiny”, “Stuntman”, “Forensic Pioneer IV” and so on.

This time he appeared in “The Truth About Changing Life”, and his acting skills are highly appreciated, and because he collided with Lee Jung-jae, the protagonist of the popular Korean drama “Squid Game”, his popularity has increased even more.

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