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Tapir! – The Pilgrim, Their God and The King Of My Decrepit Mountain

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Tapir! – The Pilgrim, Their God and The King Of My Decrepit Mountain

by Oliver on February 9, 2024 in Album

The Pilgrim, Their God and the King of My Decrepit Mountain is two thirds a compilation, one third the resulting finale – and overall more than just a promising debut album whose eclecticism creates an astonished homeliness.

The collective of multi-instrumentalists held together by the two band heads Ike Gray (vocals, guitar) and Will McCrossan (keyboard, drum machine) – Tom Rogers-Coltman (guitar, saxophone), Ronnie Longfellow (bass), Emily Hubbard (cornet, synthesizer). ) and Wilf Cartwright (drums, cello) – may not have had any real intentions at first, his since 2019 in Windmillto capture the songs that were germinating in her environment on a record, and she first had to let her friend (or rather Honeyglaze-Drummer) let Yuri persuade Shibuichi to do it. But in fact, the debut album from the Greater London community is by no means lacking in ambition: The Pilgrim, Their God and the King of My Decrepit Mountain is a conceptual work in three acts that articulates its story with a fairytale atmosphere, often less profane lyrics bordering on fantastic clericalism via chamber music indietronic folk pop.

However, associations are felt to be much more important than tangible religiosity – and the aesthetics of those who do not shy away from humorous breaks are defined in the symbiosis of form and content Tapir! as a former opening act for Black Country, New Road consistent. The sometimes nasal singing is not only reminiscent of Richard Dawson, Pinegrove and Everything Everything think – the general flood of references is quite well summarized in this compilation, even if there are many other obvious influences like Alt-J are missing, while many songs seem to consist of direct quotes and interpolarizations.
My God For example, his verse merges from a bit Something Stupidmore Swingin’ Party and a pinch My Guy in quiet devotion to great minimal bedroom pop, Gymnopedia carries his bow in the title, melancholically dozing from memory Holes a little electrified, almost opulently sizzling, and Broken Ark cruises leisurely with restrained but meticulously detailed arrangements from the essence of Rock Bottom Riser.
Was The Pilgrim, Their God and the King of My Decrepit Mountain In addition to its refreshing tone and form of expression, it attests to an always familiar sense of tradition.

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Where each segment of Little Wings-Man Kyle Field opens as narrator (in Act 1 (The Pilgrim) frames the beginning of the plucked, onomatopoeic revelry and whistling via a short staccato, Act 2 (Their God) is a kind of contemplative walk on the beach with a long ending Act 3 (The King of My Decrepit Mountain) more of an avant-garde, abrasive score). Tapir! With a careful hand, simply great songwriting from the calmest sleeves.
Hurriedly pulsates in On a Grassy Knoll (We’ll Bow Together) the spartan drum machine, the guitars splash contemplatively, the piano trickles and the arrangements dreamily indulge in communal harmonies to hippie-esque padding, meanwhile Swallow ethereally galloping, softly embracing his idiosyncratic, winding playing with catchy melodies and harmoniously feeding the attractive beat into the whole.
In The Nether (Face to Face) The rhythm generator is more naturalistic and organic, with the chorus chanting in a half-asleep coziness like a dozing rap choir. The shy one Eidolon is an exemplary, amiable little duet as a fleeting miniature and the gentle Untitled as a relatively conventional duet is a gem Pavement-Nostalgia, whose DNA eludes precise location, almost incorporeal Mountain Song Dances through the lounge as the longest song, accompanied by fanfares Funeral-Sehnsucht meanders in post-rock, but its manifestation remains a little underwhelming, making it archetypically the closer. There is still room for improvement, but this factor also contributes to the weightless consumption of the almost 45 entertaining minutes, which imagine a pleasantly emotional parallel world beyond everyday life.

The Pilgrim, Their God and The King Of My Decrepit Mountain by Tapir!

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