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“Tea Cup Head” animation will be launched on Netflix in 2022-DoNews娱乐

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Liu Wenxuan2021-12-05 10:01:19

DoNews reported on December 5 (Liu Wenxuan) that the well-known game “Cuphead” (also translated as “Tea Cup Head Adventure”) has announced that it will launch an adapted animation, and now Netflix has officially confirmed this animation called “The Cuphead Show” Will be online in 2022.

“Tea Cup Head” is a game developed and published by StudioMDHR Entertainment. Players can play the role of the tea cup head and the mug man, owing debts to the casino boss demon, and being ordered by the demon to perform work to repay the debt, go and go with each other. Kind of enemy fighting.

In addition to various difficult levels, the biggest feature of the game is the retro style and background music. The game is inspired by works from Fleischer Studios and Disney in the 1930s, and tries to inherit the surrealist style inside. This game was originally released on PC and Xbox platforms in 2017, the macOS version was launched in 2018, the Nintendo Switch version was launched in 2019, and the PlayStation version was not launched until July 2020.

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