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Team Up to Watch Missed Classics in Scheduled Screenings: A New Trend on the Rise?

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Team up to watch “missed classics”. Can scheduled screenings become a new trend?

Liberation Daily reporter Zhong Han Zhang Yi

After missing your favorite movie, can you invite a few friends to watch it again in the theater? Recently, the self-owned screening brand “appointment screening” created by China Film Group has been upgraded and launched. Audiences can use the “appointment screening” on the two major platforms of China Movie Channel and Maoyan Movies to manage the six theaters of China Film, Shanghai Film, Wanda, Hengdian, CGV, and UME. The company’s more than 1,500 theaters across the country can relive classic films through reservations. The first screening period is from October 26 to November 30.

Reporters found on the Maoyan platform yesterday that more than ten theaters in Shanghai have participated in reservation screenings. A minimum of one person can open the show, and audiences have successfully joined the show. What do you think of the appointment screening model? Would you choose to watch old movies together?

Depends on how attractive the video is

Open the Maoyan App, and there will be an “Appointment for Screening” column on the homepage. The film list for this “appointment screening” includes “Chang’an 30,000 Miles”, “New God List: Yang Jian”, “New God List: Nezha Reborn”, “The Young Lion”, “One Piece: The Red-Haired Diva”, “Cat and Dog Martial Arts” and other 6 Chinese and foreign animated films, the audience can choose the appropriate show to make an appointment for screening before the deadline. The reporter found that the conditions for co-production of movies in different theaters and different shows are different. “New God List: Yang Jian” requires a minimum of 8 people to start the show, while “One Piece: Red-Haired Diva” only requires one person to form a group. At present, the two films have already had screenings on October 26, showing that the show was successful.

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In fact, scheduled screenings have already been tested in Wanda Cinemas, and many audiences in Shanghai have tried this model. According to staff from Wanda’s marketing department, “appointment screenings” have been launched on the Wanda Movie App and mini-programs since March 8 this year, and the first film to be added to the reservation program is “The Myth of Love.” “After the upgrade, the number of scheduled screenings has been greatly increased, and more screening points have been added.”

Taking into account cost factors, theaters usually choose small and medium-sized halls to hold reservation screenings. The ticket price varies according to the number of seats and projection equipment in different theaters, but it is usually not higher than 35 yuan. According to a staff member of Wanda’s marketing department, if each film can achieve an 8% attendance rate, it will be considered a success. Usually, there will be a notice the day before the release. If the show does not make it, customers will be automatically refunded. “The performance of the movie has been good, from March to now, almost every film can form a group.” Most of the people who come to watch movies are young people. The number of reservation screenings is limited, which does not significantly increase the theater box office, but it has cultivated a fixed fan base for the theater.

Teaming up to watch “missed classics” has expanded the channels for movie fans to watch movies, and many people have a positive attitude towards this. Movie fan Mr. Yuan has always regretted not being able to enjoy Ang Lee’s “Pi” on the big screen, but old films rarely have the opportunity to be re-screened in theaters. “If many films miss their release date, if they want to see them on the big screen, they may have to wait for the opportunity to be screened at a film festival. If the scheduled screening is a film that I happened to miss and really want to see, I will be happy to participate.”

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“The quality of the film is the most important. If it is a classic film or an unpopular film, I would very much like to have such an opportunity to go to the cinema to watch it again.” Ms. Wang, a citizen, said. In the eyes of many movie fans, whether movie theater reservations can become a phenomenon or a popularity depends more on the appeal of the movie.

Give the audience the choice

Recently, the documentary “The Legendary Life of Jane Goodall” was released. The film’s Douban score was 9.2, but its share of the film schedule was only 0.8%. Some documentary lovers really want to watch this film, but they are unable to find suitable screenings due to the limited schedule. Most viewers don’t even know that this film is available in theaters. This is a common dilemma for many literary and artistic films and documentaries that are relatively niche: after being released to theaters, it is often difficult to obtain relatively high film scheduling and attendance rates; at the same time, these films have a relatively fixed audience group, and they There is a certain gap between the demand for watching movies and the movie schedule of theaters.

In the opinion of many people, appointment screening can be used as a way for artistic films to enter theaters. “If we can give less popular films more opportunities to appear on the big screen through co-production, it will be a good thing for the film and the creators.” In the view of Zhao Ning, a “post-90s generation”, making an appointment for screening gives the right of choice. audience.

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The launch of the appointment screening mode is exciting for creators of niche literary films. Yang Wei, executive producer of the biographical film “Medu”, believes that this screening model can extend the life cycle of niche literary and artistic films in theaters, and also solve the problem of theaters in arranging literary and artistic films. Usually low-cost literary films lack a sufficient life cycle for the audience to fully understand and actively watch the film. Even if the film studio can negotiate with the theater chain to extend the key, how long it should be extended and how many viewers and attention it can get is a matter for both parties. All are challenges. In Yang Wei’s view, the biggest advantage of appointment screening is that it allows the audience to change from passive to active. “In the past, the audience watched whatever was in the theater. Now the audience can actively choose what to watch in the theater.”

Industry insiders believe that the industry is ready to explore and promote the branch distribution model. Some literary and artistic and niche films can only be screened for a long time in some theaters and theater chains to create theater screening brands and theater operating characteristics such as documentaries and literary films. Commercial movies may also try to screen in separate lines. For example, the box office of “The Myth of Love” in Shanghai accounts for 40% of the national box office. If it is screened in Shanghai for a long time, the final box office may not be much different from the national total box office, and there may even be better local box office. communication effect.

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