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Tech Trek Europe 2023 – Archspire, Psycroptic, Benighted, Entheos, 21.03.23, Arena Wien – Live Review

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Tech Trek Europe 2023 – Archspire, Psycroptic, Benighted, Entheos, 21.03.23, Arena Wien – Live Review

Archspire, Psycroptic, Benighted, Entheos – Tech Trek Europe 2023
Event: March 21, 2023, Arena Vienna
Origin: Canada, USA, Australia, France
€ 25,-
Technical Death Metal, Progressive Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal

Long awaited and eagerly awaited, we were finally able to make our way to Arena Wien on Tuesday to have our butts spanked by four brutal bands. The Tech Trek Tour Europe 2023 with Archspire from Canada, Entheos from Californians (USA), the Aussies from Psyproptic and the French of Benightedwho are better known in Vienna than Falco, invited.

These names are a guarantee for a well-groomed sore muscles in the neck area and maybe one or the other bruise. Arrived punctually at 7:00 p.m. in the arena, we were able to get an idea of ​​the merch stand, which was covered in plenty. The shirt prices of 30 EUR are probably already standard for bands from overseas. However, it must also be said that the quality of the shirts is very good. Quickly a neat shirt from Psycroptic Bought, a cold drink on hand and onto the first band Entheos wait.

After initial sound problems with the first song, the band grew around the little bundle of energy Chaney Crabb really why and took the audience with him. Especially the two guitarists Brian James and Robert Brown attracted attention with their precise and lively stage acting. All six tracks, most of them from the new album Time Will Take Us All, were received with great enthusiasm, which is also due to the very likeable appearance of the band. The Chaney Watching on stage is a real pleasure, the young lady had so much fun in her cheeks. From now on she’s a screaming grunt honey cake pony to me and she’s driving the rest of the band to the max. Fantastic performance and I would treat the Californians to an impressive European headlining tour.

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Next, the mighty French are already scraping by Benighted with their hooves. The guys around Julien Truchan are already known in Vienna like a sore thumb. Accordingly, there was even more going on in the audience area than at Entheos. With a first-class selection of songs from their band history, the fans were properly heated up. You just have to love this band, especially because they are always on point with their powerful Brutal Death Metal and you can see the joy of playing in their eyes. I can’t remember at all Julien to have experienced a bad mood. “Live the Benighted” I can only say! Made a lot of fun again!

The Tech-Deather of Psycroptic from beautiful Australia. The last time I saw the boys was in 2002, back then there was Howlercube Matthew Chalk as a frontman on board and I remember great deeds. Now, an incredible 21 years later, is Jason Peppiatt the front grunt and from now on belongs to my inner circle of the most likeable men at the microphone. He knows how to mobilize the audience with his announcements without “you are the best” Adulation without blowing powdered sugar up their butts. No – Jason With his humorous manner, he convinces people to jump off the stage and do the circle pit of their lives. He simply gives everything, screams himself into delirium and encourages the whole band to put on an energetic and powerful performance. A gig that I will remember for a really long time. Thanks Psycroptic!

Then comes Archspire it’s your turn. At first the organizer made a joke and announced that Archspire canceled and five alcoholic bums would fill in for it. What followed was a total catastrophe for me in terms of sound, obviously the man at the mixer couldn’t capture the band’s technical skills. I didn’t hear any guitars, just the vague rattle of front grunts Oliver, I only heard the drums softly clicking. All together it was very washed out and dull, so Extreme Tech Death Metal isn’t much fun. The audience playing Twister was definitely funny, but unfortunately the sound didn’t get any better during the performance and so I retreated to the bar. Nevertheless, a large part of the audience enjoyed the performance of the Canadians. After about 50 minutes the sound spook was over and the memories of three outstanding performances remain.

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