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Technological innovation empowers Chinese films to come to Star Plaza to explore and set off together-Entertainment-中工网

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Original title: Technological innovation empowers Chinese films to come to Star Plaza to explore and start together

On June 10th, during the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival, China Mobile Migu and Ape Power Pan-Entertainment Group held a press conference on digital technology innovation cooperation, announcing an in-depth cooperation on the occasion of director Lu Chuan’s new film “749 Games”. Jointly explore the new model of the metaverse film industry, and empower the development of Chinese films with technological innovation. Lu Chuan, chairman and director of Ape Power Pan-Entertainment Group, Han Sanping, a famous filmmaker, Liu Xin, general manager of China Mobile Migu Company and other guests attended and witnessed the conclusion of this cooperation. At the same time, the image of the main character “Ma Shan” Sapiens specially customized by Migu Company for the movie also made its debut in the Metaverse Bitspace Interstellar Square, which will lead the audience to experience a different new experience of viewing movies in the Metaverse.

Liu Xin, general manager of China Mobile Migu Company, said in his speech that film, as the creative front of China’s excellent traditional culture, is an important carrier of cultural promotion, and cultural digitization is an important starting point for building a cultural power. As the world‘s largest mobile communication operator, China Mobile has built more than 1.6 million 5G base stations and has 699 million 5G network users. Relying on the new information service system of “connection + computing power + capability” built by China Mobile, since the 5G commercialization in 2019, Migu has carried out technical reserves and explorations around the Metaverse, and based on the “Roadmap of MIGU Evolution of the Metaverse” As a guide, deeply participate in the cooperation of the whole film industry chain. This year, as the designated 5G metaverse strategic cooperation platform of the Shanghai Film Festival, Migu launched the “only designated metaverse cinema” of the film festival in the bit space of the metaverse – Star Plaza. The image of Homo sapiens will also make its debut in Star Plaza.

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Lu Chuan, chairman and director of Ape Power Pan Entertainment Group, said that he is very happy to jointly release digital asset innovation cooperation with Migu. Whether it is from the perspective of culture or digital assets, the underlying logic of all this is to support the film. . Ape Power and Migu have many common thoughts on the future of the Chinese film industry. He said: “In terms of technology empowering movies, we hope to accumulate technology-related content in movies and turn them into real assets for the regeneration, reuse, and re-realization of Chinese movies with long-tail effects.” 749 Game” as the starting point, relying on China Mobile’s powerful 5G and computing power network, jointly establish a model that deeply combines movies and technology, and finds new value breakthroughs from the perspective of the industry.

It is noteworthy that the launching ceremony of “China Mobile Migu x Ape Power Digital Asset Innovation Cooperation” was also held on the spot. China Mobile Migu, Ape Power, famous filmmaker Han Sanping and partners from all walks of life jointly launched the cooperation. In the future, the two parties will leverage their respective advantages in technology, platform and content to cooperate: First, relying on the advantages of China Mobile’s “5G+computing power network”, jointly explore the application of metaverse-related technologies in the field of film production, and create a new experience of digital and real fusion movies; The second is to build a scene-based operation model integrating products, content, marketing, and services around the production of digital humans, digital scene construction, and digital asset circulation, so as to promote the coordinated development of industries; IP development and industrial ecological construction have built a “digital cornerstone” for the construction of a culturally powerful country, and explored the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

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Movies shoulder the historical mission of conveying the main theme of the times and the positive energy of society. Behind the rise of Chinese films is the strong support for the progress of the country’s scientific and technological strength. For a long time, as the main force of the digital economy, the national team of technological innovation, the main force of the new media national team, and the pioneer of immersive media, China Mobile Migu has been committed to empowering the film industry through “content + technology + integrated innovation”. During this film festival, as an official partner and the designated 5G Metaverse strategic cooperation platform, China Mobile Migu created the “only designated Metaverse Cinema” in the Metaverse Bitspace Star Plaza. Through this new benchmark scene of the film industry, we will continue to explore An innovative expression of high-quality culture in the metaverse scene. In the future, China Mobile Migu will join hands with more partners to seize the historical opportunity of the “Golden Age” of Chinese films, support the new future of Chinese films with technological innovation, and insist on telling Chinese stories from an international perspective.

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