Home Entertainment Tell the truth | In the heart-wrenching drama “Little Ladies” with frequent golden sentences, Jin Gaoyin’s outfits are also very eye-catching | Little Ladies | Outfits |

Tell the truth | In the heart-wrenching drama “Little Ladies” with frequent golden sentences, Jin Gaoyin’s outfits are also very eye-catching | Little Ladies | Outfits |

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Tell the truth | In the heart-wrenching drama “Little Ladies” with frequent golden sentences, Jin Gaoyin’s outfits are also very eye-catching | Little Ladies | Outfits |

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Original title: Tell the truth | In the heart-wrenching drama “Little Ladies” with frequent golden sentences, Kim Go-eun’s outfit is also very eye-catching.

If one day, you accidentally get 10 million, what do you want to do with the money?

Kim Go Eun’s new drama “Little Ladies” revolves around this. She plays a character called Wu Renzhu. Renzhu’s colleague and friend Chen Huaying (Chow Ja Hyun) died unexpectedly, leaving her a fortune of 2 billion won (equivalent to 10 million yuan).

There are three sisters in the Wu family. The eldest sister, Oh In-ju (played by Kim Go-eun), is an accountant in a company. The second sister, Oh In-kyung (played by Nam Ji-hyun), is a reporter.

My father was a gambler, owed a lot of debt, and then hid abroad šŸ˜‚.

Mom is not worried. The eldest and second sisters finally managed to collect the money for the younger sister to study abroad, but the next day, the mother had already run away with the money, because she wanted to live in style rather than being a mother.

In addition to family, the three sisters also hit a wall again and again in work and study.

Wu Renzhu works in a large company, and her background and background are not comparable to those of her colleagues, so she is marginalized by everyone.

The one who shared the same illness and sympathy with her was Chen Huaying, who died at the beginning of the story, and she couldn’t get along with her cowardly colleagues in the office.

Chen Huaying is both a friend and a mentor, who taught Wu Renzhu a lot of work and the principles of dealing with others.

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Moreover, Chen Huaying’s identity is also very mysterious. She is a social animal when she goes to get off work, and Bai Fumei when she gets off work. It turns out that she still has two faces~

Because the second sister was too empathetic, she couldn’t help crying when she broadcast the sad news. She was considered unprofessional by the leaders and was treated differently.

The younger sister is very talented in painting, but she needs a lot of money to study abroad. She didn’t want to use the money of her sisters, so she sold her work to the second generation of rich, and the second generation of rich used this painting to participate in the competition.

The story lines of the three sisters may seem unrelated, but behind them are a pair of invisible hands that lead them to the whirlpool of power.

In addition to the wonderful suspenseful parts, this drama also has a very detailed portrayal of human nature.

A colleague made a mockery of the second sister’s obedience: “Is your family poor, because you are too tolerant” (this line has already been popular on our social network, and it can only be said that it is too heart-wrenching).

The eldest sister and the second sister discussed whether to be kind but incompetent parents or rich but bad-hearted parents, and concluded that incompetence itself is a bad thing.

The eldest sister was asked what you would like to buy if you were rich, and the answer was a winter coat: because winter clothes can easily tell whether a person is poor or not (again).

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Many of the lines in the play are heart-wrenching. Just like a thought-provoking question in the play: “I want to know how high the people at the bottom of society can climb”, whether the fate of the workers at the bottom can be completely changed with the arrival of this windfall, let us wait and see.

Of course, editors also need to look at what they wear when watching a drama. In this drama, Kim Go Eun’s autumn commute Look is also very worth learning from.

One of the must-have items of South Korean literary style – vest

Vests often appear in this drama. In the weather when the temperature is high and low, it is suitable to use a vest and vest over the shirt to heat up the heat and cold. For example, a khaki sweater vest with a high-neck white shirt is very Korean and gentle.

The complex jacquard pattern on the Fair Isle-style knitted vest has its own literary and retro attributes, and it goes well with the puff-sleeved shirt with a palace feel. It is worn with black straight-leg pants, which is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.

The U-neck vest is also full of retro atmosphere. It is a little more elegant with a puff-sleeved shirt. The suit pants of the same color as the vest are matched below, which is more coordinated in color.

The V-shaped vest is paired with a white shirt with a lapel for a more layered layering.

Although the solid color long skirt looks a bit boring, the textures, folds and other details of different directions, widths, etc. can bring different line beauty to each solid color dress.

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For example, this round-neck yellow dress on Jin Gaoyin’s body, the vertical texture can not only make it visually thinner, but also lengthen the height ratio.

The gray long skirt has a more calm temperament. The natural pleated design makes the skirt more advanced, and it looks very temperamental with long-line earrings.

The same gray dress is replaced by a V-neck style, which is a different feeling. The folds on the shoulders and the elastic band design at the waist form a visual difference of width at the top and narrow at the bottom, emphasizing the proportion of the body.

Kim Go-eun wearing a little white dress in private is another feeling of a sister next door. The little white dress is made of elegant chiffon material, and with Jin Go-eun’s smile, she has been cured.

The design of the sleeves is not ordinary, and the medieval knight shell sleeves are used, which is full of strength. The three-dimensional sleeve shape can cover the flesh well and help you say goodbye to the flesh.

This drama has only been updated to 6 episodes at present, whether it will continue to be high-energy or go high and low, let’s wait. Those who haven’t been chasing, quickly catch up!

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Written by: Lydia

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