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Tell the truth | This year, the low-key and attractive “Old Money” style has become popular | Old Money | Popular_Sina Fashion_Sina Net

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Tell the truth | This year, the low-key and attractive “Old Money” style has become popular | Old Money | Popular_Sina Fashion_Sina Net

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Original title: Seriously | What became popular this year is the low-key and attractive “Old Money” style

New news, Y2K retro hot girl style has a popular status in the fashion circle, and it is slowly beginning to receive the threat of new trends!

Generation Z began to spread and imitate the long-established “Old money aesthetic” crazily – a low-key, durable and extravagant renaissance.

When it comes to “old money style”, many newspaper friends should be enlightened by the style in “Gossip Girl”, from Ivy Style to luxurious party style, the rich people’s outfits can be regarded as a primer.

The more realistic “Old Money Outfits” also have Shiv’s outfits in “Battle of Inheritance” as a demonstration, and the following are some more representative and reference inspirations.

Those more representative Old money wearing methods

“Old Mony” literally means that old money is equivalent to a family that has been rich for several generations. They are not only rich and famous, but also powerful and powerful, and basically belong to the ceiling class of society.

For example, the Kennedy family is a representative.

In addition to the first lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the Kennedy family, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, the wife of John F. Kennedy Jr., is also a representative of old money with good taste.

One of the essence of Lao Qianfeng is that it is not fancy.

Carolyn’s outfits always pursue the core of minimalism, generosity and elegance.

Her street look is not ostentatious at all. This sense of indifference exudes the confidence and freedom that only old money can have.

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It is said that Ralph Lauren once regarded Carolyn Bessette Kennedy as his muse.

The design of the brand has always been sought after by the old money class in the United States, and it is not without reason.

In order to capture the essence of the old money aesthetic, Ralph Lauren also stepped on the style very precisely.

The brand’s posters have always conveyed the beautiful and comfortable state of people’s ideal life, and they look like they have money and leisure.

Generally, the descendants of old money families basically receive the best education and play the most advanced sports (such as golf, tennis, equestrian, etc.), so Ralph Lauren has depicted a classic and vivid aristocratic academic style around such groups.

Incorporating tough and honest neutral elements into gentle and soft women’s clothing, the lapel design is a more distinctive element.

Stripes are also one of the elements that are worn very frequently by old money. It is frank and free.

The editor helped you summarize the style and elements of the basic entry of Old money, let’s learn it first.

Getting Started with Old money style: College Style

Shirt/Pleated skirt/polo collar

In the summer, the “old money style” that may be better to start with is the academic style.

The way of wearing the aristocratic school uniform with pleated skirt and shirt in “Gossip Girl” can be said to have set off a lot of heat at the beginning.

In fact, this style is also known as Ivy/Prep Style, which implies that the elite group of Ivy League or Oxford graduates, that kind of bookish air exudes from the whole body, does it look superior?

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If you want to go with this style, in fact, you can basically wear a pleated skirt with a student fan.

Shirts or polo shirts can be paired with pleated skirts, and sneakers or martin boots can neutralize some seriousness.

Black one-step skirts can also be worn in aristocratic style, and it is more flavorful with some more classic old flower designs, but don’t forget that the lapel is the essence.

In the color system of the single product, try to choose black, white, gray, dark blue, so that the style is low-key and temperament.

The light blue shirt is paired with white high-waisted shorts. The simple and atmospheric shape looks very famous. Which style of ken bean do you prefer?

As mentioned earlier, the old money must have several sports that they are good at, such as equestrian, golf, and tennis. Is the appearance of Jobs’ daughter Eve Jobs wearing an equestrian uniform enough?

In addition to equestrianism, tennis wind has also been very strong in recent years.

As for the choice of single products, there are also many brands to choose from.

In addition to the sports brands we are all familiar with, the editor of Locaste also recommends a wave. The brand style has always been a casual and good-looking college style line, and the history is also very long.

Suitable for sports or everyday wear.

Well, I found a few good items in the shop, which are very convenient to match👇.

The striped element that Princess Diana also loves, and wearing it will grasp the “old money style”.

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In fact, the Trump family should not be regarded as “Old Money” in the strict sense, but people walk in the old money circle with some atmosphere, and the dressing style of the wife and daughter is also remarkable.

Ivanka, who is wearing a striped dress on vacation, is very relaxed. The gradient of the thickness and thin stripes is low-key and has a sense of design, and the taste can still be dripped.

When it comes to celebrities who dress very “old money”, I have to mention Olivia Palermo, a socialite in uptown New York. She looks like she came out of “Gossip Girl” in the stripes, she is sweet and lovely.

Wearing a striped shirt skirt and showing affection with her husband, the unintentional laziness is quite eye-catching.

In fact, there will be more striped items in spring and autumn, and knitted striped styles have a more sense of design.

But in summer, you can wear it in a few different ways. It is also very fashionable to start with a few thin knitted coats and wear them over a shirt. After all, it is easy to catch cold when the cold wind blows in the air-conditioned room.

A basic striped T-shirt looks good with jeans. For shoes, choosing a pair of more elegant flat-bottomed slippers will be more spiritual, and maintain a certain degree of sophistication in leisure.

Or choose a simple and atmospheric striped skirt, which is very elegant to match with a T-shirt or shirt.

Image source: Visual ChinaNetwork

Editor: Stacy

Written by: Viki

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