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Ten years of acne can be solved by brushing acid mask? |Acid Mask |Salicylic Acid|Brush Acid_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Ten years of acne can be solved by brushing acid mask? |Acid Mask |Salicylic Acid|Brush Acid_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

Article source: Ten o’clock planting grass WeChat public account

Original title: Acne that has grown for ten years can be solved by brushing acid mask?

Author: Liye

hello! Pretty girls!

Every summer, with more oily, acne-prone and blackhead problems, there will be a wave of “cleaning” and “oil-controlling” products selling well. Looking ahead this year, the most popular one is the “acid brushing mask”!

The acid brushing mask, as the name suggests, is to add acid ingredients to the mask, and “brush the acid” by applying a mask (usually a smear mask) ~ This seems to be a “strong combination”? After all, facial masks and acid brushing are both powerful in terms of skin care effects, and their immediate performance is relatively strong~

There are also many people who publicize that it is safer to use the “acid brushing mask” at home once than going to the beauty salon to spend money for fruit acid peeling, and it is not easy to roll over🤔

Be cautious as I am! For this kind of rhetoric, if you don’t try it yourself, of course you don’t believe it! So Liye purchased 6 popular net red acid brushing masks on the market.

According to the pH value (generally, the pH value of acid brushing products is less than 5, the lower the pH value, the stronger the peeling effect. my country’s cosmetics regulations must not be lower than 3.5.), divided into novice area (4.3-5), advanced area (3.8 -4.3) and higher order zones (3.8-3.5).

whee! In order to make the evaluation results more fair~ In addition to Liye herself as the representative of combination skin, I also found two oily-tolerant skin and dry sensitive skin sisters who have “skin troubles” and want to try the acid mask to evaluate together↓

Alright~ Without further ado, let’s go to our evaluation session!

Novice area

Because it is a novice area, the concentration is relatively low, which is a little too small for a super oily skin like Yazi.

Therefore, Liye and Nanako will try all the acid masks for entry.

The first to appear is Lifetime Research. Although it was founded only a few years ago, its research and development is really diligent. This salicylic acid jelly film is a relatively well-received product of its family, and it has also divided the novice version and the advanced version according to the concentration of salicylic acid. Liye bought the novice version this time.


0.5% salicylic acid, the concentration is relatively low in many salicylic acid products, and dextrin is also used for wrapping~

Dextrin is a highly hydrophilic adsorbent. Under its package, it is equivalent to giving salicylic acid a layer of water film, which can not only help penetrate, but also be milder when it comes into contact with the skin~

In addition to salicylic acid, 5% fruit acids are also added – including gluconolactone and lactobionic acid, both of which are mildly exfoliating and moisturizing ~ plus panthenol, trehalose, Sodium hyaluronate, etc. to help soothe. The overall recipe looks really good for novice players.

But it should be noted that there is also niacinamide in this product, sisters who are intolerant/allergic to niacinamide should use it with caution! ! !


The jelly is individually packaged one by one, and it is very portable~ There is also a small idea on the packaging, that is, each lid has a number of signs and numbers corresponding to the schedule of acid brushing 1/5/8/12/15/19/22 /26 days. For the novice, if the first operation does not know how to use it every few days, you can understand it when you see this little tip!

Texture & feel

The texture of this one is jelly gel, it will instantly cool down on the face, and it’s pretty cool to apply in summer! But it dries too fast, and after drying, there is a feeling of “jelly” becoming “glue”, very sticky.

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However, it is gentler. For dry and sensitive skin like Nanako, there is no pain in the process of using it.

After 20 minutes

After one application, it can make the skin surface dry and less greasy, and at the same time unclog pores, allowing whiteheads and blackheads to emerge for cleaning. I am a little disappointed that the moisturizing effect is not as good as expected, and I still have to apply a few layers of essence immediately after washing to prevent it from being so tight.

Overall, it is more suitable for combination skin and oily skin with large pores, blackheads and whiteheads. If you have dry skin, avoid sensitive areas with a thin barrier, such as the face, and use products with strong moisturizing power.

Everyone is familiar with Fu Erjia ~ an old Internet celebrity. This eggshell film is also recommended by many people on Liye’s sweet potato, saying that it is a must for novices to brush acid~


There is nothing new in terms of ingredients, 1% salicylic acid, plus 1% fruit acid mixed with five kinds of plant extracts~ In addition, there are slow-release technology and soothing ingredient bisabolol to help reduce the amount of acid brushing. excitement~

It should be noted that this product also has niacinamide added, so use with caution if you are intolerant to niacinamide.


Tube packaging, the opening of the tube is a bit big, be careful when pressing! Liye used a little force during the evaluation, and when she squeezed it out, it jumped all over the table!

Texture & feel

Swipe left to view the top face live

Gel texture, good ductility, easy to spread on the face ~ super moisturizing.

When I first put it on my face, my dry skin will feel a little tingly, but it will disappear after about 5 minutes.

After 20 minutes

Swipe left to view the top face live

After applying it, my face became smooth and some pimples popped out. Lie and Nanako both felt a strong tingling sensation on their faces, and even after applying the soothing essence, there was still a slight tendency to turn red.

Just looking at the salicylic acid concentration and PH value (weak acid, around 4.5), this one seems to be quite suitable for beginners, but in fact, the face is still a bit irritating and it is easy to roll over. It is not suitable for sisters who have not brushed acid before.

Advanced area

The PH value of the advanced area has entered the next stage, which may be a bit irritating for dry and sensitive skin like Nanako. The actual measurement of this mask was made by Liye and Masako.

Medature is an American brand that has just become popular in China in the past two years, and it is taking the party line~

Although the name is Essence, it is used in the same way as applying a mask~ It needs to be applied thickly and then washed off.


The composition is a combination of 4% glycolic acid + 2% salicylic acid + 1% lactic acid + 0.5% azelaic acid.

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The combination of salicylic acid and azelaic acid can unclog pores and regulate keratin.

Glycolic acid and lactic acid have small molecular weights and are easier to penetrate. The former is often used in fruit acid peels in theaters, and it has a good effect on peeling off the stratum corneum. The latter can penetrate deep into the dermis to improve the skin’s water retention capacity and elasticity, making the skin less dry and rough~


When the box is opened, it includes a brush and two bottled essences, and a small tray.

When using, you need to break open the ampoule, pour the essence into the tray, and then apply it to the face with a brush~ It is a little troublesome to use.

Texture & feel

Swipe left to view the top face live

The texture is similar to the essence, and the flow is good. Surprisingly, there is no stimulation on the face! And the absorption is fast, the face is always watery! Very moisturizing~

After 20 minutes

After applying this product, my face is noticeably smoother and more radiant, and it doesn’t dry or sting! It is very suitable for sisters who want to improve rough skin to try~

Natural Hall has also continued to release a lot of new products in recent years ~ all kinds of popular ingredients are being made. This fruit acid mask is one of them.


5.5% triple fruit acid – glycolic acid, glucolipidic acid and lactobionic acid cooperate with each other, all of which have been mentioned above, all of which are relatively mild fruit acids~

According to the ingredient list, salicylic acid is ranked behind lactobionic acid. The official statement is that it is only used as a skin conditioner. The content should not be too high.


Individually packaged, there are 9 pieces in a box, and a mask brush is also provided, which is very convenient to take out for travel.

Texture & feel

This is a translucent texture, a little thick, and it will be better spread with a mask brush~ A bit sticky! Fortunately, there is no pain during the application.

After 20 minutes

Maybe because of the thick texture, it is more difficult to wash when washing. It is recommended to wipe it with a face towel first, and then wash it with water. After washing, Liye’s face did not change much, Masako said that her face was a little sore, but the oil and dirt on the skin surface were cleaned up!

In conclusion, it is more suitable for oily healthy skin with cleansing needs to use it in the T-zone with a thicker barrier~

high-end area

In the high-end area, considering the skin conditions of the models, in order to avoid too much irritation after use, Liye and Masako were asked to try one each, so that they would not be on their faces.

Proya doesn’t need to say Lieduo, its products I have bought almost never step on the thunder. This multi-acid mask is a new product launched at the end of last year! Liye has been wanting to buy it back and try it! Finally got it this time!


The ingredients used are now popular acid ingredients – azelaic acid. It is notoriously mild, high concentration will not be too irritating, and the effect is very strong, it is good at dealing with acne and acne marks! The content is not low, and it is added to 8%.

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Naturally, salicylic acid is not absent, it is added to 2%, and then combined with 5% fruit acid (glycolic acid + lactobionic acid). The acid content of the whole added up is also 15%, which can be regarded as the ceiling level of domestic acid masks~


This is a canned packaging, a bit like a face cream, with a matte texture, it looks quite scientific~

Texture & feel

Yogurt texture, easy to spread. It didn’t feel irritating when I first put it on my face. However, if it is applied for a long time, it will feel a little tingling. Liye’s application time this time is uniformly 20 minutes. It is recommended that you use this for 10 minutes.

After 20 minutes

The effect is quite obvious! The face is no longer oily, and the whole skin looks clean and shiny~ The dirt in the pores has also been cleaned up!

However, after about two hours after using it, Liye’s face was slightly red. If you use this product, you should apply more repair products or prepare a bottle of spray, and spray it at any time.

The products of Drunk Elephant’s family have always been at the level of the great devil, and the spokesperson of the American “Drug”. This time, Liye also put it to the end, only dare to let the healthy oily skin test.


25% complex fruit acid can accelerate epidermal renewal, remove old dead skin cells, and make skin smoother. 2% salicylic acid, deep cleans and unclogs pores.


The packaging of the powder is very girlish. Just want to complain about this pressing head, the nozzle is easy to accumulate and become dirty, and it must be cleaned in time every time it is used up!

Texture & feel

The yellowish texture, like liquid foundation, seems to be mixed with fine particles 🤷‍♀️. The first second I put it on my face, I started to feel irritation, and the pain was super obvious during the process of applying it! Is this the power of 25%! Really learned!

After 20 minutes

You can clearly see that the skin on the forehead is red! You must know that this piece is already a thicker barrier on our face~ Although the pores are finer and the blackheads are reduced, if you are not already battle-hardened, experienced in acid brushing, and iron-clad sisters, don’t try it lightly!

If you want to try it, there is a Marula essential oil in its home that is used for quick repair after acid. It can be used together, and the redness will be better.

Regarding the evaluation of the acid brushing mask, here it is, Liye also summarized the products with a relatively good experience after using it↓

By the way, I would like to remind again, the sisters who want to try to brush acid↓

⭕️It is not necessary for extremely sensitive skin to solve skin problems by brushing acid.

⭕️The acid brushing product must check the concentration of acid components and whether there are intolerable components (such as niacinamide)

⭕️Do not use irritating skin care products, such as A-alcohol products, during acid brushing.

⭕️Be sure to do sunscreen and repair work after brushing acid.

Okay~ About brushing acid, if you have any questions, you can continue to ask in the comment area!

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