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Tesla maxi recall of 700,000 cars in China and the United States

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ROME – If for Elon Musk, Tesla boss, business is booming (he became the richest man on the planet with a fortune of 270 billion dollars, bypassing Jeff Bezos), some problems come from his car factory. The Californian company is in fact recalling almost 200,000 vehicles in China between Model 3 and Model S for problems related to the rear camera (damage to the cable by the tailgate) and the front hood (sudden opening).

Among other things, it seems that the bad news is not limited only to the Asian market since a few hours after the announcement of the Chinese recall, a very similar news arrived in the United States, where Tesla has started the recall of half a million. drive for the same problem.

In short, even though Tesla and Musk are extremely popular in China, the company’s reputation has already taken a hit this year following a series of incidents, scandals and problems related to the security of sensitive user data. China‘s state administration for market regulation pointed out that the defects found could adversely affect vehicle cameras or cause hoods to suddenly open while driving. At the moment, the recall operation affects three batches of cars produced between 2015 and 2020.

For its part, Tesla was quick to ensure that it will proceed to inspect the cars and will resolve any problems that may arise during the verification, all obviously completely free. Will the speed promised by the company be enough not to further undermine its reputation on the strategic Chinese market? We will see. (mr)


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