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The 12th Beijing International Film Festival will kick off a number of special events one by one-Qianlong.com.cn

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Source title: The 12th Beijing International Film Festival will kick off a number of special events, one by one, and world films will enter “Beijing time”

The 12th Beijing International Film Festival will be held from August 13th to 20th. Nine main activities and related peripheral activities will be launched one by one, and the two-week “Northern Film Festival on the Cloud” – World Film will be held online. Welcome to “Beijing Time” again.

Beijing elements

From posters to promotional films, it reflects the strong Beijing flavor

From the name of the award “Tiantan Award”, it can reflect the strong Beijing elements of the Beijing International Film Festival over the years, and this year is no exception: in addition to the movie projector in the main poster, the Great Wall runs through the screen. In the embrace of the Great Wall, the National Stadium “Bird’s Nest” symbolizing the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the Shougang ski jumping platform “Xue Feitian” symbolizing the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics complement each other, showing the glory of Beijing’s “Double Olympic City” .

The animation promotional film released by the organizing committee for this year’s Beijing Film Festival is a 30-second stop-motion animation to pay tribute to the filmmakers. Xu Tao, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee, said, “The protagonists of this animated short film are twelve Fuwas of the Chinese zodiac, and the filming method is stop-motion animation. Stop-motion animation is one of the oldest and most classic types of animation. One”, a tribute to the filmmakers. In addition, there is an antique courtyard house unique to Beijing in the cartoon – this courtyard house is made of mixed materials, and the production cycle is as long as 500 hours.

Beijing characteristics

Classic Movie Restoration Screening

Beijing Screening, Beijing Planning, and Beijing Market are the special activities of the Beijing International Film Festival.

This year’s Beijing Film Festival’s “Beijing Screening” will be screened from August 12 to 21. The list is very tempting, “Tea House” 2K restoration, “Antoine’s Adventures” series five-part 4K restoration, “Oasis” 4K restoration, “Once Upon a Time” 4K restoration, “Shaolin Temple” 4K restoration and many other restoration classics will be shown, and a group of latest films will be shown for the first time in China and even Asia. On August 10th, the ticket rush channel was opened, and it turned out that the hand speed was amazing. The three films that sold out the fastest were: “One Piece: The Red-Haired Diva”, “Cosmic Exploration Editorial Department” and “The Godfather” 50th Anniversary Dolby Vision Heavy plate making. The ten films with the most tickets are: “Ghost in the Shell”, “Heike Story: Dog King”, “Morning Light”, “Landscape in the Mist”, “Oasis” (4K), “Children of Fish”, “A Moment by the River”, “Alcala” “Four Hundred Blows” (4K) and “A Man and a Woman”. Among them, “Oasis”, “Four Hundred Strikes” and “A Man and a Woman” all come from the “Restore Classics” unit, which is a must for fans every year, and it also proves that the classics are never out of date.

This year’s Beijing Planning and Theme Forum series activities are led by the theme of building a film powerhouse to help the healthy and high-quality development of China‘s film industry. The theme of the opening forum is “Forging a New Journey – Light and Shadow Keep Burning Dreams of the Future”; the themes of the other two forums are “Exploration, Pursuit and Creation of ‘Peak’ Film Works” and “Innovation and Improvement of Film Criticism in the New Era” , focusing on the two key issues of film development, film peak creation and film criticism, and exchange views on wonderful creations and film and television reviews. The guests present at the forums related to the Beijing Film Festival include Yu Dong, Gong Yu, Li Weiqiang, Wang Changtian, Wang Jianer, Wang Zhonglei, Zhao Haicheng, Zhuang Yan, Rao Shuguang, Hao Rong, Hu Zhifeng, etc.

The film festival will also hold a master class with two judges, Li Xuejian and Ke Wensi, and the opening film director Er Dongsheng. They will be invited to share their practical experience and cutting-edge views from the level of creation and production, and to talk about the light and heat they have radiated about their film dreams. According to reports, Li Xuejian’s master class will focus on the main theme movie “Born in the Sky” starring Li Xuejian. The guests of the dialogue will invite the film’s director Chen Guoxing, screenwriter Chen Huaiguo, and starring Li Youbin. Guest Ke Wensi’s master class dialogue The guest invited senior director and producer Han Yi, who has cooperated with Ke Wensi many times, and will start a ramble around Ke Wensi’s creative career.

The Beijing market segment assumes the function of promoting industrial services. According to statistics in 2021, in the 11 years since the Beijing Film Festival was held, the “Beijing Market” has promoted a total of 346 key projects to negotiate and sign contracts, with a total transaction volume of 200.251 billion yuan. Among them, the 10th Beijing International Film Festival in 2020 has 110 projects signed and released in the Beijing market, with a total amount of 33.089 billion yuan; the 11th Beijing International Film Festival in 2021 The total contracted amount will reach 35.223 billion yuan. The increasing number of contracts signed year by year fully proves the industry’s acceptance and recognition of the Beijing International Film Festival platform.

Beijing Innovation

Create the “Metaverse Film Palace” to set up an art chairman for the first time

The popular Metaverse will appear in the Beijing market for the first time, and on the basis of the existing official website platform through the “Cloud Market”, it will land on the “Xiyang” Metaverse Space for the first time, creating the world‘s first “Metaverse Movie Palace”. “.

The 12th Beijing International Film Festival established an artistic chairman for the first time. Unlike the chairman of the “Temple of Heaven Award” International Jury, who leads the selection of the “Temple of Heaven Award”, the “Art Chairman” mostly plays the role of “special curator” in international film festivals, paying attention to the films selected for the festival, assisting outstanding films, weights Invitation and recommendation of senior guests. The establishment of the art chairman will make the Beijing Film Festival take a solid step in becoming more professional, authoritative and international.

The “Film+” activities during the 12th Beijing International Film Festival will superimpose more cross-border new ideas in film art. It debuted as a Beijing Film Festival event for the first time.

Watching a movie is the most “romantic thing”. The 12th Beijing International Film Festival “Beijing Screening” will also hold a “Beach Screening” event for the first time on the blue coast of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province.

North Film Festival Digital

9 main activities

The 12th Beijing International Film Festival is directed by the State Film Administration, hosted by the China Central Radio and Television Station and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government. The theme of this film festival is “One Heart and One Heart”. The 9 main sections include the “Tiantan Award” award, the opening ceremony Ceremony and Red Carpet Ceremony, Beijing Screening, Beijing Planning and Theme Forum, Beijing Market, Film Carnival, College Student Film Festival, Closing Ceremony and Award Ceremony, and “Film+” activities.

In addition, the film festival will also hold the “Focus on the Future” unit, the “Love One Voice” series of concerts on the golden curve of the movie, the game animation film unit, the “Power of Editing” forum, the “Brand Helps Chinese Films” public welfare live broadcast, E-Creation Volunteer Action and other cross-border integration activities.

The film carnival of the Beijing Film Festival was held from August 14th to 27th, with the theme of “chasing dreams, light and shadow, and shadow to the future”. Around 5 major venues, 48 ​​immersive cultural activities were launched as a whole, and the short video competition was integrated for the first time. , Filmmaker’s Happy Run, and themed activities in the game, animation, and film unit.

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7 “Tiantan Award” judges

The chairman of the international jury of this year’s “Tiantan Award” is Li Xuejian, a famous Chinese actor. The other six members of the jury are Chinese director Guo Fan, British director Cowens, Argentine director Lucezia Martell, and Italian director Michelangelo. Fran Martino, Chinese actor Qin Hailu and Chinese director and actor Wu Jing. Among them, Mr. Li Xuejian has rarely participated in various activities in recent years. This is the first time he has served as a film festival judge since he started filming. Argentine director Lucezia Martell is the chairman of the jury of the 2019 Venice International Film Festival. This participation in this year’s Beijing Film Festival is also her first time participating in the Asian Film Festival exhibition. Director Michelangelo Fran Martino has just been officially announced as the chairman of the jury of the “Lion of the Future” section of the Venice International Film Festival.

1450 registered films

This year, the number of films registered for the “Tiantan Award” worldwide reached 1,450, a total increase of 63% compared with last year. Among them, there were 1,193 foreign films from 88 countries and regions. Among the final 16 shortlisted films, there were 4 Chinese films – “The Sea of ​​the Sea” The end is the grassland”, “Back to Tibet”, “Chasing the Moon”, “Mom!” “.

As the opening film of the 12th Beijing Film Festival, “The End of the Sea is a Prairie” was directed by Er Dongsheng and starred Chen Baoguo, Ma Su, Ayunga, Wang Qiang and Ding Chengxin. It is Director Er Dongsheng, after “I Am a Passerby”, once again aiming the camera at ordinary individuals in life, capturing the inner emotions of the characters with delicate brushstrokes, and depicting a moving historical picture.

853 new venture capital works

This year, the number of applications for the venture capital unit of the film festival reached a new high, and more than 300 young directors with short film shooting experience signed up. After three rounds of screening, 853 works were finally presented to five judges: Er Dongsheng, Zhang Yuqi, Liang Lin, Zhu Weijie and Yaning. The Beijing Film Festival’s “Venture Capital Training Camp” will be based on the theme of “Beijing Future”, and will closely follow the core of science fiction. It plans to shoot and launch 5 short films, and will invite Guo Tao and other acting actors to participate as art consultants for the first time.

600 newcomer works

The “Focus on the Future” unit aims to “discover new talents in the international film industry with Chinese eyes, and advocate artistic originality with the new trend of world film”, to enhance cooperation and exchanges between young filmmakers from all over the world, and to collect films of different themes, genres and styles from all over the world. Directing the first or second feature film.

This year’s “Focus on the Future” unit has received nearly 600 film registrations from 88 countries and regions around the world, and invited 3 well-known filmmakers to form an international jury to select the “Most Watched Film” from the final selected films. 7 honorary titles of “Most Watched Director”, “Most Watched Screenwriter”, “Most Watched Actress”, “Most Watched Actor”, “Most Watched Artistic Contribution” and “Specially Mentioned Film by the Jury”.

Online screening of 84 best films

“The 12th Beijing International Film Festival · Yunshang North Film Festival” opened on August 10th. From August 10th to 23rd, 84 high-quality domestic and foreign films with various themes and types were screened online on iQIYI.

The “Northern Film Festival on Clouds” has set up “First Perspective”, “Argentina Film Week”, “Special Exhibition Welcome to the 20th National Congress”, “Review of the works of the Chairman of the Tiantan Award Jury”, “New Internet Wave”, “Hong Kong Film Festival” and “Global Film Festival”. Vision” and other 9 major projection units. Among them, the films “Jiao Yulu”, “Speak Well”, “Crossing the Chishui” and “Red Stars Shine on China” starred by Li Xuejian, the chairman of the jury of this year’s “Tiantan Award”, will meet the audience in the “Review of the works of the chairman of the jury of the Tiantan Award”. Meet; “Changjin Lake”, “On the Cliff”, “Miracle · Stupid Child”, etc., included in the “Special Exhibition · Welcome 20th National Congress” unit; and “Rouge Button”, “Drug War”, “Police Story”, “2046”, etc The classic Hong Kong films appear in the “Hong Kong Films” unit. In the “New Internet Wave” unit, there are online movie works such as “Defiant”, “Sa Rilang on the Prairie”, “Opposite”, “Fly, Light on Ice”; and in the “Global Vision” unit that the audience expects, there are once “Happy Lazzaro” won the Best Screenplay Award in the main competition section of the 71st Cannes International Film Festival, and “Long Searching for Children” won the “Panorama Section – Best Film Award” at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival. , and the star-studded Woody Allen comedy “A Rainy Day in New York” and other masterpieces.

Northern Film Festival · People

Art Chairman Gong Li

Gong Li, who used to be the chairman of the jury of the 11th Beijing International Film Festival, will serve as the first artistic chairman of the Beijing International Film Festival this year. With more than 30 years of filming, Gong Li, with her superb acting skills, has been selected as one of the 16 artists who have influenced human culture and art by the United Nations. “I hope that through the Beijing International Film Festival, people all over the world will know us better Chinese culture, art and Chinese stories” has always been her wish.

Promotion Ambassador Aaron Kwok

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland. The 12th Beijing International Film Festival specially invited Aaron Kwok, the image ambassador of the Hong Kong International Film Festival, to serve as the promotion ambassador of this film festival. Aaron Kwok also became a double ambassador for the two annual film festivals. The films starring Aaron Kwok have appeared in the screening units of the Beijing Film Festival many times, such as “Journey to the West: Monkey King Three Fights the White Bone Spirit”, “Mai Luren”, “Judo Dragon and Tiger List”, “The Taoist Down the Mountain”, “B+ Detective”, “Favorite” and so on.

Director Ning Ying

Director Ning Ying is the chairman of the jury of the “Focus on the Future” unit of the 12th Beijing International Film Festival. Her representative works include “Beijing Trilogy” – “Looking for Fun”, “Police Story”, “Warm Summer”, as well as “Journey of Hope”, “Endless Movement”, “Police Diary”, etc. These works have been featured in film festivals at home and abroad. Awarded many times in the past. In 2005, she was awarded the Knight of the Order of the Italian Republic, and was nominated as one of the 1,000 Nobel Peace Women in the world by the Swiss International Women’s Union for Peace. Yamagata International Film Festival, Japan, etc.

Communication Officer Yi Gongzi

Writer and self-media master Renyi will attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Film Festival as the Chinese traditional culture communication officer of the 12th Beijing International Film Festival. Since 2014, she has taken the lead in trying to tell cultural stories in short videos, and created a cultural and art talk show micro-complex “Is Art Difficult”, which has interviewed director Zhang Yimou, composer Tan Dun and others. At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Film Festival, she will talk about the traditional culture in Chinese films and pay tribute to all filmmakers who spread Chinese culture through film.

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