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The 15th Asian Film Awards announced the shortlist Zhang Yimou two works received 11 nominations, Zhang Zifeng nominated as a queen_mainland

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Original title: The 15th Asian Film Awards announced the shortlist Zhang Yimou two works received 11 nominations, Zhang Zifeng nominated as a queen

Sohu Entertainment News On September 9, the Asian Film Awards Academy officially announced the shortlist for the 15th Asian Film Awards. “One Second” directed by Zhang Yimou won five nominations including best film and best director; “Above the Cliff” Won six nominations including Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress; Zhang Yi competed for the actor with “One Second”; Liu Haocun was shortlisted for Best New Actor Award with “One Second”; Zhang Zifeng was shortlisted with “My Sister” The best actress; “Eight Hundred” and “Assassination of Novelists” are also shortlisted for technology awards.

The Asian Film Awards was established in Hong Kong in 2007 to recognize outstanding Asian film works and talents and showcase the diverse culture and vitality of the Asian film industry. So far, the award ceremonies have been held in different regions of Asia, including Hong Kong, Macau and Busan. This awards ceremony will be held at the Busan International Film Festival on October 8 (Friday) and will be broadcast live on the Internet. The full list of finalists is as follows↓↓

【Best Movie】

One second (Mainland China)

Zishan Fish Book (Korea)

Apprentice (India)

Accident and Imagination (Japan)

Spy’s Wife (Japan)

【Best Director】

Zhang Yimou “One Second” (Mainland China)

Lee Jun-yi, “Zeshan Fish Book” (Korea)

Ryusuke Hamaguchi “Occasion and Imagination” (Japan)

Kurosawa Kiyoshi | “The Spy’s Wife” (Japan)

Adil Khan Yardanov “Yellow Cat” (Kazakhstan, France)

【Best Actor】

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Mo Ziyi “Dear Tenant” (Taiwan, China)

Lin Jiadong, “Wisdom Teeth” (Hong Kong, China)

Zhang Translated “One Second” (Mainland China)

Yakusho Koji “A Wonderful World” (Japan)

Liu Yaren “Silent” (Korea)

[Best Actress]

Chen Shufang “Lonely Flavor” (Taiwan, China)

Zhang Zifeng “My Sister” (Mainland China)

Jeon Jong-sui “Phone (South Korea)

Assel SADVAKASSOVA “Urbossen” (Kazakhstan, France)

Aoi Yu “The Spy’s Wife” (Japan)

[Best Supporting Actor]

Yu Ailei, “Above the Cliff” (Mainland China)

Park Jung Min “Save Me from Evil” (Korea)

Xie Junhao “Drifting in Turbid Waters” (Hong Kong, China)

Kim Hyun Bin “Silent” (Taiwan, China)

Shohei Uno > (Japan)

【Best Supporting Actress】

Qin Hailu, “Above the Cliff” (Mainland China)

Li Lizhen, “Drifting in Turbid Waters” (Hong Kong, China)

Xie Yingxuan, “Lonely Flavor” (Taiwan, China)

Jang Yun Joo “Three Sisters” (Korea)

Maita Caizhu “Dawn is Coming” (Japan)

【Best New Director】

Yujiro Harumoto “A Balance” (Japan)

PS Vinothraj “Pebbles” (India)

Yin Ruoxin, “My Sister” (Mainland China)

Han Shuai “Hannah Summer” (Mainland China)

Ahmed Barami, “The Wilderness” (Iran)

Hong Yiting “Silent” (Korea)

【Best New Actor】

Kong Seung Yeon “People Living Alone” (Korea)

Hattori Shusaki “Midnight Swan” (Japan)

Liu Haocun “One Second” (Mainland China)

Ruhola Zamani, “Children of the Sun” (Iran)

Chen Yufei, “Silent” (Taiwan, China)

【Best Screenplay】

Chen Yuxun “The Vanished Valentine’s Day” (Taiwan, China)

You Xiaoying “My Sister” (Mainland China)

Chaitanya Tamhani “The Apprentice” (India)

Hong Yiting “Silent” (Korea)

[Best editing]

Li Yongyi “Above the Cliff” (Mainland China)

KIM Hyung-joo “Save Me from Evil” (Korea)

Lai Xiuxiong “The Vanished Valentine’s Day” (Taiwan, China)

Hasan Hassandus, “Children of the Sun” (Iran)

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Tina Buzz, Shibuya Yoichi “Dawn is Coming” (Japan)

[Best photography]

“Are there babies crying around?” “(Japan)

Zhao Xiaoding, “Above the Cliff” (Mainland China)

Hong Gepiao “Save Me from Evil” (Korea)

Zheng Zhaoqiang, Wisdom Teeth (Hong Kong, China)

Masood Amini Tirani “The Wilderness” (Iran)

Yerkinbek PTYRALIYEV “Yellow Cat” (Kazakhstan, France)

[Best original music]

Cao Yongxu, “Above the Cliff” (Mainland China)

Mowg “Save Me from Evil” (South Korea)

Lao Tsai “One Second” (Mainland China)

Dai Wei “Dance Party 3” (Hong Kong, China)

[Best Model Design]

Chen Minzheng, “Above the Cliff” (Mainland China)

“Victory” by Cho Sang Kyung and Kwok Jeong Ae (Korea)

Shin Hyun-sup “Izsan Fish Book” (Korea)

“The Spy’s Wife” (Japan)

Yermek UTEGENOV “Yellow Cat” (Kazakhstan, France)

[Best Art Director]

Li Miao “Assassinated Novelist” (Mainland China)

Gokuldas “Labyrinth” (India)

Mak Guoqiang “Wisdom Teeth” (Hong Kong, China)

LEE Jae-sung “Zeshan Fish Book” (Korea)

Kishi Ataka “The Spy’s Wife” (Japan)

[Best visual effect]

Xu Jian and Wei Ming “Assassination of Novelists” (Mainland China)

Guo Xiancong, “The Vanished Valentine’s Day” (Taiwan, China)

Issei Oda “I, Go My Way” (Japan)

“Victory” (Korea)

Tim Crosby, Wu Yanran, “Eight Hundred” (Mainland China)

[Best sound]

Guangzhong Taoli “Are there babies crying around?” “(Japan)

Renganaath RAVEE 《Labyrinth》 (印度)

King Nopawatrikit “Wisdom Teeth” (Hong Kong, China)

Choi Tae-young “Victory” (Korea)

Beverly “Eight Bai” (Mainland China)Return to Sohu to see more


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