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The 15th FIRST Youth Film Festival unveiled, 37 shortlisted films will be screened together_China_News_Yunnan.com

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  Original title: The 15th FIRST Youth Film Festival kicks off 37 shortlisted films will be screened

The 15th FIRST Youth Film Exhibition opened on the 25th in Xining City, Qinghai Province. At 14:30, the film exhibition held an opening ceremony and a screening of the opening film “Barbarian Invasion”.

The predecessor of FIRST Youth Film Festival was the University Student Film Festival. It was founded in 2006 at Communication University of China. It settled in Xining in 2011 and was officially renamed Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival. Its original intention was to continuously discover and select young filmmakers’ first and early film works, so as to inspire young people’s creative courage and artistic self-confidence.

This year’s film festival is chaired by actor Zhang Aijia. The members of the jury include Chen Jianbin, Dong Jinsong, Fukang, Wu Wenguang, Zhou Yun and other filmmakers. They will review the 37 finalists and decide on 10 main competition awards, including the best feature feature film, the best documentary, the best director, and the best actor.

In addition, this film festival continues the ultrashort independent competition unit of the previous year. Artist Cao Fei, scholar Dai Jinhua, and actor Huang Xuan served as judges. From the 23 short films shortlisted, 4 independent awards including the annual super short film and the jury award were selected.

With the gradual control of the epidemic and the recovery of the film industry in 2021, the number of films for this year’s FIRST Youth Film Festival has increased compared with last year. The feature film has increased by 50%, returning to the level of previous years. Feature documentaries have grown by about 12%, while short films have also grown by more than 50%.

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FIRST Youth Film Festival set up a producer laboratory for the first time this year, aiming to cultivate the creative ability of young filmmakers, and increase more training in the direction of production, so that more high-quality film works can be brought to the market. The first phase of the producer’s laboratory has courses on short film production, film production and production, market operation, and independent production research.

The film screening will last until August 1, and the FIRST Youth Film Festival will be held on August 2. During the festival, 37 shortlisted films will be screened in Xining cinemas and open-air cinemas. (Reporter Yan Fujing, Baima Yangcuo, Li Ning)


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