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The 1st WAVE Music Festival ended successfully. Ten groups of musicians made a luxurious lineup to present an eight-hour audio-visual feast-Qianlong.com.cn

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The 1st WAVE Music Festival ended successfully. Ten groups of musicians made a luxurious lineup to present an eight-hour audio-visual feast-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: The first WAVE Music Festival ended successfully, with a luxurious lineup of ten musicians presenting an eight-hour audio-visual feast

On the evening of June 11th, the first wave music festival of “Sail, Enterprising and New Voices” jointly organized by Tencent Music Wave Ranking under Tencent Music Entertainment Group (hereinafter referred to as “TME”) and SAIC Audi was held in Wanning China Resources, Hainan. Shimei Bay came to a successful conclusion.

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Ten groups of musicians from Mars Radio, Mo Xizi Shi, Jiao Maiqi, The Landlord’s Cat, Tang Hanxiao, Orange Sea, Liu Shuang, Zhu Jingxi, Escape Plan, Universal Youth Hotel, accompanied by the sea breeze and waves in the midsummer, bring music fans Come to the music carnival for nearly 8 hours and release the surging energy of the new wave of music. The bursting stage at the scene, together with the singing of the singers, pushed the atmosphere of the music festival to one climax after another.

The WAVE Wave Music Festival brings together a luxurious lineup to create a summer wave with music

In order to better meet the initial return of offline music festivals in the post-epidemic era, this Inspur Music Festival carefully planned every link, from the performance lineup to the viewing experience, to create a unique audio-visual feast for live music fans.

At the beginning of the event, the all-round singer-songwriter Tang Hanxiao performed the theme song of this Inspur Music Festival – “Born for a Dream”. The unforgettable seaside music festival kicked off with music, waves and cheers. Mars Radio, as the first performance band, debuted with five pieces of music. One “ZOO” made the live music fans shout wildly, and the stage was completely ignited. Mo Xizi Shi, a Tencent musician from Daliangshan, Sichuan, used his pure and simple melody to bring a touch of coolness to this hot summer afternoon; Jiao Maiqi, a post-90s treasure musician, used his hit single “My Love”. Name”, which pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a new commanding height, and the chorus part even triggered the chorus of the audience, and the scene was shocking. Healing folk group Landlord’s Cat, with its ethereal and unique timbre, takes the audience to another world about youth and growth while singing softly.

Tang Hanxiao

mars radio

Tencent musician Mo Xizi Shi

Jiao Maiqi

landlord’s cat

In the evening, Orange Sea made a romantic debut in the rays of the sun, and performed five masterpieces including “Summer Cozy Rock” and “SONA” in succession to the shouts of the audience. Music fans are ecstatic and indulge in this dreamy scene woven by music. Tencent musician Liu Shuang also brought five original pieces of music including “Mohe Dance Hall” and “Rose Thief”. The magnetic tone and moving melodies are like a cool sea breeze, blowing into the hearts of every listener. Zhu Jingxi, a psychedelic female voice who is also a Tencent musician, with a pioneering futuristic music style and visual aesthetics incorporating cyberpunk, Y2K and oriental elements, she released the summer magnetic field to the fullest between the sea and the sky. The mainland Chinese pop rock band Escape Plan with “Ying Fan Er” quickly won the love of live music fans with its infectious melodies, resonant lyrics, and strong live performance, setting off a carnival heat wave again.

Orange Sea

Tencent musician Liu Shuang

Tencent musician Zhu Jingxi

Escape plan

The indie rock band, the music artisan Universal Youth Hotel in the era of noise, appeared at the finale of the show. “Mud River”, “Quarrying Stone”, “Big Stone Broken Chest”, “Unfortunate Comedy”, “Worrying Joke and Long Daydream” one after another made the audience addicted all at once.

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Universal Youth Hostel

It is worth mentioning that this Inspur Music Festival has specially added Inspur exhibition area, Audi exhibition area, creative brands and food market. The one-stop event setting that integrates eating, drinking, playing, and listening provides live music fans with more diversified entertainment options between watching performances. Let the music festival scene turn into a photo, play, and punch-in holy place for wave stars in seconds.

Redefine the music festival to release the vitality of quality music LIVE

Inspur Music Festival, as a new attempt of Inspur List to discover and recommend high-quality Chinese music content, aims to create performances featuring cool, avant-garde, high-quality, and extreme feelings based on high-quality music. With the model of musicians platter LIVE stage + cool punch-in area + diverse music experience community, it accurately radiates the circle of serious music fans, and attracts many citizens and tourists to revel together, redefine the music festival, and lead a new wave of music.

In addition, through the performance matching mechanism of heavy professional musicians + cutting-edge music power, it brings high-quality works to bring audio-visual feast to serious music fans. In this music festival, music fans not only enjoyed the top LIVE scene brought by musicians in pop, folk, and other genres, but also joined the Inspur forum to communicate face-to-face with their favorite musicians and feel the resonance of their souls. . Such an all-round and immersive LIVE experience will undoubtedly greatly enhance the audience’s sense of participation.

Tencent Music Wave List is committed to creating the most professional and influential music list in the Chinese music scene. Since its launch, it has defined music professionally, adhered to the quality of the Chinese music scene, and selected high-quality and worth listening Chinese new songs every month. The music industry and the majority of music fans show a more complete and professional pop face of the Chinese music scene. The launch of the first WAVE Music Festival this time provides a unique audio-visual feast for the majority of music fans, redefines the music festival, creates a new benchmark in the industry, and expands more possibilities for high-quality music.

In the future, I hope that Inspur List will continue to unite with high-quality musicians and use TME’s platform resources and advantages to join more industry partners to create more high-quality trend IPs, present users with better and more diversified music performances, and boost the popularity of the Chinese music scene. Excellent singer-songwriter and their music works “strongly out of the circle”. We hope that Inspur Chart and Inspur Music Energy will bring us more surprises in the near future.

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