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The 375th HokBen Grand Opening in Mampang Prapatan

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The 375th HokBen Grand Opening in Mampang Prapatan

There’s no wind, no rain… suddenly my son Azzam says that he really misses eating the HokBen menu, because the last time he ate it was during the Eid holiday to Jakarta a few months ago.

It so happened that I had the opportunity to travel to Jakarta last weekend and was able to attend the Grand Opening of HokBen Mampang Prapatan, I am very happy to be able to heal while fulfilling the wish of my beloved child to be able to eat his favorite HokBen menu.

Surprises at the 375th HokBen Grand Opening

Grand Opening of HokBen Mampang Prapatan

Friday, August 25 2023 yesterday HokBen officially opened its newest outlet in Mampang Prapatan Raya which is located in the South Jakarta area, this HokBen outlet is the 375th branch, isn’t it cool… HokBen is committed to always fulfilling the wishes of its customers, getting closer so that it is easily accessible by customers who want to enjoy delicious and quality Japanese-style food products with halal assurance.

During the Gran Opening event, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Sugiri Willim, who is HokBen’s Director of Operations, he explained that HokBen is very happy to be able to add outlets in the Mampang Prapatan area, the goal is none other than to get closer to HokBen’s loyal customers.

It is hoped that customers can enjoy HokBen’s various menus easily, especially since Mampang Prapatan is known as an office area. Of course, many employees and the surrounding community need access to food with a menu that is healthy, tasty and of good quality, as well as time efficiency in getting it.

Having also had the opportunity to chat with Mrs. Fransisca Lucky, HokBen’s General Manager of Marketing, we got to know HokBen more closely, a family restaurant with a Japanese nuance, even though it is originally a domestic product.

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What is special, it turns out, is that the HokBen branch of Mampang Prapatan carries the first stand alone concept in Jakarta. As we all know, in the Jakarta area, HokBen outlets are always located in malls or food courts, so the service is adjusted according to the mall’s opening and closing hours.

The HokBen Mampang Prapatan branch offers complete services starting from Dine-in (eat on site), Drive Thru (order via vehicle), Take Away (order to take home), HokBen Delivery Call Center (delivery order) at 1-500-505, as well as as well as order services through HokBen Apps which can be downloaded via the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Don’t worry, this HokBen branch is also available in online transportation applications such as Gofood, Grabfood and Shopee Food, so you can order according to the promos available.

The HokBen Mampang Prapatan branch has a capacity of 152 seats, which are neatly arranged and the rooms are kept clean, equipped with a party room, prayer room, and a large parking area. No less important, here are provided lots of plugs and WiFi for those of you who need WFH (Work From HokBen).

HokBen’s mainstay menu which is always a choice

Here also offers a variety of HokBen mainstay menus such as: Ekkado, Tori no Teba, Egg Chicken Roll, Ebi Furai, Kani Roll, Beef / Chicken Teriyaki and Yakiniku or the HokBen Set Menu with a choice of Special Bento, ABCD Package, and Teriyaki Simple Set. as well as other HokBen favorite menus.

Apart from that, there are also menus that are no less tempting such as Ramen, HokBen Fried Chicken and Tempura. There is also a selection of salads, snacks and desserts which are suitable to be enjoyed while relaxing alone, with family, friends or co-workers.

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Since its first presence in 1985, HokBen has continued to innovate in accordance with its vision to preserve people’s lives by providing food with integrity so that it can combine flavors with a variety of menu choices available.

“Everyone has different tastes, with the availability of a wide variety of menu choices, it can unite the tastes of each individual at one table at HokBen. So they don’t need to worry about being able to decide where to eat, because in HokBen everyone can cater for different tastes,” explained Sugiri Willim.

Launching of New Uniforms for HokBen Employees

The opening of the new HokBen outlet in Mampang Prapatan was also marked by the launch of the latest uniforms for HokBen employees, starting from the Mampang Prapatan outlet, which will be followed by other HokBen outlets across Indonesia.

The use of HokBen’s new uniform for refreshment in a more fresh and modern HokBen environment. The presence of HokBen’s new uniform carries the theme of simplicity so that it can display a friendly and agile impression.

HokBen Mampang Prapatan Grand Opening Promo

The excitement of opening the new HokBen Mampang Prapatan outlet will present a variety of attractive promos dedicated to HokBen’s loyal customers. The following is an interesting promo for the HokBen Mampang Prapatan Raya Grand Opening which is a shame if you miss it:

HokBen Mampang Prapatan Grand Opening Promo

• August 26 & September 2 2023, the HokBen Umbrella prize for the first 100 buyers for the Take Away service with a purchase transaction of 2 Special Bentos 1 & 4.

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• August 26 & September 4 2023, HokBen Pillow prizes for the first 50 buyers specifically for the Drive Thru service with a purchase transaction of 2 Special Bentos 1 & 4.

• On August 29, August 31 and September 4 2023, HokBen Tumbler prizes for the first 50 buyers specifically for the Take Away service with a purchase transaction of 2 Bento Specials 1 & 4.

• August 25 – September 30 2023, Special Price for every purchase of HokBen Fried Chicken 2 pcs + Rice + Sosro/Aqua Bottled Tea Rp. 42,000, – from the normal price of Rp. 61.000,- specifically for Dine-In/Take Away/Delivery/Online Order services.

HokBen Cares for the Environment

In line with the vision of preserving people’s lives, HokBen is also committed to protecting the environment. Concern for the environment is realized by HokBen by collaborating with certain parties in processing waste that has economic and artistic value for the community.

Rooster from mica plastic waste

HokBen has processed 20,380 mica plastics or around 500 kilograms more of mica plastic waste. In collaboration with Rebricks, used HokBen mica plastic waste is processed into roster building materials. Currently there are 40 HokBen outlets that use eco-roster produced from Mika HokBen waste.

HokBen is also collaborating with Boolet to process HokBen disposable chopstick waste. Where the waste is recycled into environmentally friendly and high-quality household items such as cup holders and cellphone holders, that’s really cool, isn’t it?

HokBen with a feeling that makes you miss

Coming home from the Grand Opening of the HokBen Mampang Prapatan, I bought the HokBen promo package which is a family favorite, alhamdulillah my child is very happy. All menus are filling and make the tongue not want to stop chewing.

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