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The 4K commemorative version of “The Book of the Heavens” is set for the spotlight, Dan Sheng, who is back with “Chinese Wisdom”_Movie

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Original title: The 4K commemorative edition of “The Book of the Heavens” is fixed and the chasing Dan Sheng is back with “Chinese Wisdom”

“Heaven and earth are selfless and have their own wisdom.” The clever and lovely Dansheng came back with “Chinese Wisdom”. Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio recently announced that the classic animation “The Book of Heaven” has completed 4K ultra-high-definition picture restoration and sound restoration, and its 4K commemorative version is officially scheduled to be released on November 5th in theaters nationwide. This film, which has the reputation of “the master of Chinese excellent traditional culture”, will regain its brilliance in the new era.

Ishikawa, the vice chairman of the Shanghai Film Association, told reporters that the scientific restoration and release of “The Book of the Heavens” will allow audiences of different generations to have a common cultural experience and imagination, bridge the gap between generations, and realize cultural heritage.

Taking national art as the root of creation, creating representative works of the Chinese animation school

On the screen full of the charm of Chinese landscape painting, Dan Sheng opened his arms and rushed to the sky to chase light and hope. Yuan Gong solemnly sent to each other behind him-this is the finalized poster of the 4K commemorative edition of “Tianshu Qi Tan” recently announced. Combining the meaning of the movie “Heaven and earth are selfless, with their own wisdom”, this poster expresses the continual inheritance of human beliefs from generation to generation, and demonstrates the atmosphere and elegance of Chinese culture. In fact, it is precisely adhering to the tenet of “creating a new nation and addressing differences among nations” that has made “Tanshu Qi Tan” one of the representative works of the Chinese animation school.

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“The Book of the Heavens” is adapted from China’s first novel “Ping Yao Zhuan”, which retains the image of the three foxes in the novel, and changes the monk Danzi in the novel to the boy Dansheng. The film tells the story of Yuan Gong in Tiangong passing the heavenly script to the world and teaching magic to the egg to benefit the people. Some parts of the bridge can be found in Chinese folk tales. Since its birth in 1983, “Book of the Heavens” has kept pace with the classic animation feature films of the US Film Studio, “Nezha” and “Nezha”, representing the pinnacle of domestic animated films.

“How fun and how to play, play to the extreme.” This was the request made by Te Wei, then director of the US Film Studio, for the creation of “The Book of Heaven”. Inspired by this, chief director Wang Shuchen, Qian Yunda, styling designer Ke Ming, composer Wu Yingju, dubbing Ding Jianhua, Bi Ke, Su Xiu, Cheng Xiaohua, Shi Rong, Cao Lei, Shang Hua, and other artists’ predecessors opened a special session. , Fun and beautiful creative journey. The film draws on the artistic elements of Chinese traditional culture such as painting, sculpture, toys, and opera, and brings together many folk images, such as traditional folk music as the background music. The little emperor marveled at the “Hundred Birds in the Phoenix”, stepping on stilts and dancing dragons. Folk activities such as the lion can be described as a “folklore grand garden”; the three foxes draw on the opera facial makeup, which is unforgettable; the gardens, palaces, and landscapes in the film follow the style of the “Wumen School of Painting” and draw humanities with meticulous brushwork. Landscape, using elegant ink and wash to draw natural landscape.

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Repair animation with ingenuity and science to meet contemporary cinema viewing standards

According to Mr. Qian Yunda, a 90-year-old old man, in order to draw the mouth shapes of the corresponding characters in “The Book of Heaven”, the painters used a stopwatch to determine the time required for the lines, working overtime day and night for three years. 38 years ago, the older generation of artists created classics with such ingenuity. Today, 38 years later, in order to meet the contemporary big-screen viewing standards, the 4K commemorative edition of “The Book of Heaven” has undergone a scientific and meticulous overall restoration and digitization process.

Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio and Shanghai Film Technology Factory first clean up the original background, clean it by ultrasonic washing, and then scan it to the hard disk, then enter the color correction, frame-by-frame restoration, sound scanning and restoration stage, and finally complete the sound and picture synthesis. Basic repair. The follow-up 4K restoration was carried out by Migu, a subsidiary of China Mobile. The restoration team followed the principle of “repair the old as the old”, and processed the film to denoise, remove scratches, color enhancement, and super-segmentation. While improving the definition of the film, the maximum Keep the brushstrokes and graininess of the original animation to the limit.

The sound repair process is also sophisticated and cumbersome. The restorer uses modern separation technology to separate the dialogue, music and sound effects in the mono master, and strive to restore the original sound effects of the film. This needs to follow the original special timbre of the film, so as not to interfere with the audience’s emotional and chronological memory of the sound picture; the use of the 1980s analog harmonizer to make the soundtrack consistent with the original. The sound material successfully separated into the surround sound is expanded through the effector, so that the sound field sound effect finally reaches the 5.1-channel effect that is in line with contemporary cinema viewing.

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Now that the global film industry has entered an all-digital era, film films will be damaged after years of erosion. Almost all countries will repair and digitize old films. Some scholars believe that the restoration and re-release of classics such as “The Book of the Heavens” not only protects the film heritage, but also makes its artistic value be discovered by more current audiences, and contributes to the spread of Chinese stories.Reporter Jiang FangReturn to Sohu to see more


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