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The 6th Pingyao International Film Festival will open on January 14, and the industry projects will be released first-Entertainment-中工网

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The 6th Pingyao International Film Festival will open on January 14, and the industry projects will be released first-Entertainment-中工网

Original title: The 6th Pingyao International Film Festival will open on January 14

China News Service, Taiyuan, January 11 (Reporter Hu Jian) ​​The Organizing Committee of the 6th Pingyao International Film Festival announced on the 11th that the film festival will open in the ancient city of Pingyao from January 14th to 19th. This year’s film festival will continue the original program structure, and continue to hold related screenings and activities around the four sections of screening, industry, education, and academics.

Today, the film festival took the lead in announcing the shortlisted and recommended projects in the industry sector. 16 script projects, 12 film projects in production, and 18 literary works with film and television adaptation potential were shortlisted for “Pingyao Venture Capital”, “Developing Film Project”, “Migration Project” and “Migration Project”. Plan · From literature to film and television” three industrial units.

16 good stories shortlisted for “Pingyao Venture Capital”

“Pingyao Venture Capital”, the permanent unit of the industry section of this year’s film festival, began to call for projects in June 2022. After registration and two rounds of preliminary review, 16 scripts finally stood out from the 772 registered script projects. The shortlisted scripts cover families and women. , comedy, suspense, fantasy, children and other types of themes.

Among the shortlisted projects are many high-quality projects co-operated by experienced filmmakers in the industry, such as the latest project “Huaer, Huaer” by director and artist Ju Anqi, and the warm story “Dear Meiying” co-produced by director Yuan Yuan and screenwriter Chen Qiling , as well as “Looking for Cows” produced by Tian Zhuangzhuang and written by Pu Ba, the criminal investigation story “Bone Biting” produced by Wang Hongwei and written by Peng Zeling, and “Strangers in Majiaocheng” produced by Lu Le and written by Liu Xing and Duan Tingting, which are about women in the Greater Bay Area , a family love comedy “Pineapple Jackfruit” produced by Xue Xiaolu and written by Xue Chen and Xia Fan.

The shortlisted projects also include the new work “You Are More Charming than the Night” ( Originally named “Which Is Longer Between Wood and Night”), the new work “Hard Bones” by Zhang Tianhui, the screenwriter of “The Murder Chaser”, and “The Last Ewenki” written by Dong Fei, and “The Last Ewenki” written by Kong Yan, which tells the story of the oil exploration family in the 1990s. Late Romance, the fantasy road film “Summer of Sheri” co-written by Ru Yingqiao, Wang Yujing, and Li Songming, the female suspense story “Show Window” written by Gu Quan, and the crime suspense work “Nine Waves” written by Luo Yan, Zhou The family fantasy story “Magic is Always” (formerly known as “Harry and the Wizard Harry”) written by Zhou, the fantasy love story “A Wrinkle in Time” written by Feng Yi and Liu Jike, and the family-themed work “Resurrection” written by Zhang Siqing, etc. A stylized screenplay.

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As the judges of “Pingyao Venture Capital Honor”, scholar, film producer and screenwriter Du Qingchun, film producer, producer and planner Chen Jie, director and screenwriter Tang Xiaobai will select multiple honors from the 16 shortlisted script projects, and the honor winners will all be awarded cash rewards.

9 recommenders recommended 18 literary works to the film and television industry

Among the industry sectors, the newly established unit “Migration Plan·From Literature to Film and Television” deserves special attention. This unit is jointly established by the 6th Pingyao International Film Festival and the “New Era Literary Climbing Project” of the Chinese Writers Association. There are 18 films created by writers such as Wang Anyi, Liu Liangcheng, Tian Er, Lin Chao, Ye Mi, Di An, Luo Rixin, etc. Literary works are eventually recommended.

The recommended works include many literary works of different types and styles in recent years. The genres are mainly novels and novels, and the themes cover suspense, love, history and other genres.

The recommended works will be recommended by 9 members of the recommendation committee from the perspectives of transforming the literariness of the works into film, literature-enriching film and television creation, literary expansion of film and television creation, and the feasibility of film and television adaptation. It is evaluated and selected from nearly a hundred literary works recommended by key literary and art publishing units under the “New Era Literary Climbing Plan Joint Conference” of the Chinese Writers Association and other Chinese Writers Association.

Members of the recommendation committee include literary critic and essayist Li Jingze, poet and scholar He Xiangyang, writer and screenwriter Li Xiuwen, poet and critic Yang Qingxiang, novelist Shuang Xuetao, film director, screenwriter, editor, writer Cheng Er, producer Jiang Hao, film producer and screenwriter Wang Hongwei, film director, screenwriter, and writer Wanma Caidan. Poet and critic Ouyang Jianghe serves as planning consultant for this unit.

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Representatives of the recommended works will be invited to attend the Pingyao International Film Festival to promote their works to film and television copyright procurement agencies, copyright project development agencies, production companies, producers, screenwriters, directors, sellers, distribution agencies and other industry professionals, and participate in the film festival. Exhibition related official activities. In addition, Pingyao International Film Festival will provide a special negotiation space for the shortlisted works, and provide one-on-one communication opportunities for representatives of the works and people in the film and television industry.

12 film projects shortlisted for the “Developing Film Project”

The 6th Pingyao International Film Festival’s industry unit “Developing Film Project” continues to select 12 outstanding film projects with different styles that are still under development, and conduct 30 to 60-minute seminars for industry professionals and film festival planners. show.

Producer and director Yu Weiguo, film distributor Liu Ge, curator and film selector Wang Qingqiang will be the honorary judges of developing films, and will serve as the honorary judges of the “Developing Films Project” unit of this film exhibition. A number of honors will be selected from the Chinese film projects, and the honor winners will receive cash rewards.

The shortlisted projects include the film “Human Sea Together”, which tells the story of father-daughter relationship and life destiny, produced by Guan Jinpeng and directed by Cai Jie; “Hezhou”, a feature film focusing on poetic suffering under cultural fusion, produced by Wanma Caidan and directed by Zeng Jiangui; The comedy “Liaohe Taxi” directed by Zhuo Kailuo is supervised by Geng Jun, the director of the Golden Goblet Award Best Film at the Shanghai International Film Festival “Northern Tiger”; the film “One Year Old” directed by Zhao Changtong is supervised by Du Haibin, the director of the documentary “Along the Railway”. A Kurong”; adapted from Ban Yu’s novel of the same name, directed by Liang Ming, starring Li Xueqin’s film “Xiaoyaoyou”.

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The shortlisted projects also include Qin Xiaoyue’s family-themed film “The Nest” which focuses on the huge differences between the two generations in social change; Qin Muqiu and Zhan Hanqi’s youth film “East Fourth” co-directed by Qin Muqiu and Zhan Hanqi about the “bohemian” life of two young people. “Ten Points”; the new film “Father’s Taste” by Pan Jianlin, who was shortlisted for the International Competition Unit of the 61st Locarno International Film Festival; “Waiting Field” directed by Liu Yang; directed by Sun Ming, which tells the story of the protagonist through repetition. The film “Spring”, which is a crime escape from confusion and find a way out; the comedy film “Ants Are No Problem” directed by Wei Dongchen, which focuses on the love of professional women; .

Pingyao International Film Festival is co-sponsored by Pingyao Film Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Film Academy of Shanxi Media College. The film festival has four major sections: film screening, industry, academics, and education. The industry section is dedicated to providing industry communication for film projects and cutting-edge creators , resource interaction and financing platform, providing incubation opportunities for outstanding works. At present, many film projects that have emerged in the industry sector of Pingyao International Film Festival, such as “Life Events”, “Gentle Shell”, “Love Song 1980”, “The Whale That Doesn’t Swim in the Sea”, “Reunion” and “Moonlight Warrior”, have been released nationwide or Post-production is complete.

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