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The 7-day box office broke 200 million yuan, why “famous” became a “dark horse”

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  Original title: 7 days box office broke 200 million, why “famous” became a “dark horse”

The movie “Famous Li Wan” was released for 7 days and the cumulative box office exceeded 200 million yuan. It was a veritable “dark horse” in the film market in November. This film is directed by the new director Liu Xunzimo. The narrative mode is similar to the popular “Script Kill” and is loved by young audiences.

In recent years, “script killing” has become a hot topic. Its low threshold, strong social interaction, and heavy experience have made it one of the most popular entertainment methods among young people. The story setting of “Famous” is very similar to the gameplay of “Script Killing”: on a black and windy night of a month, a group of unscrupulous filmmakers gathered in a villa, trying to remake a sensational shocking case into a movie , While discussing the script, they reasoned about the truth of the case. In the ups and downs and exciting plot, the audience can be said to be too addicted to reasoning.

A group of filmmakers hope to make a name for themselves with a shocking blockbuster film, but they don’t know that they are at the scene of the crime and are falling into a huge puzzle step by step. The unexpected reversal plot is also a highlight of the film. In the film, with the creative storm of greed, the story behind the case is complicated and confusing. The scenes in the play, the case in the case, the game in the game, and the outsiders are all intertwined, which spurs the audience’s appetite. What is commendable is the sense of suspense, atmosphere, rationality and rigor of this story, which gives the audience a convincing and deep story, and the overall completion exceeds expectations.

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The film is both humorous and ironic, but in the final analysis it is still a story about guardianship and justice. A group of seemingly unreliable filmmakers, with the development of the plot, gradually faded from the appearance of the halo, presenting the most authentic appearance. “Bad film directors”, “excessive actors” and “boss who failed to invest”, although they have their own shortcomings, these ordinary people protect the kind people in the most urgent time and shine with the light of ordinary people. “Ordinary people help ordinary people” has become the most moving highlight of the film.

Because of the peculiarities of the plot, this film is quite dramatic. But after all, the big screen is different from the stage. How can the performance be presented without letting the audience feel overwhelmed and artificial? This puts higher demands on the performance of the actors.

The actor Yin Zheng, who plays the role of the screenwriter Lee Ka-fai, dressed in a retro dress, played a well-thought-thinking screenwriter, and made a big breakthrough with the previous roles. The actor Su Mengdie, played by Deng Jiajia, represents a pioneering female image in this “man’s play”, and has become a role that many girls can empathize with; actor Yu Entai plays the “box office panacea” Zheng Qianli in the film and catches it The essence of the role; Qin Xiaoxian, who plays the “cute new police officer” Dahai, has participated in a movie for the first time. His performance can be described as the true character, but it is in line with the role; the actor Zhang Benyu, who plays the “cold consultant” Qi Leshan, is full of layers. Performance has also become a highlight of the film.

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The behind-the-scenes team of the film is also quite bright. One of the screenwriters, Iori, is famous on the Internet for his dark humor and sharp writing style, and is known as the “Maijia in the Internet World”.

However, the biggest “medal” of this film should be given to Liu Xunzimo, the new film director. He was well known to the audience for directing and participating in the phenomenon-level web drama “Reporting the Boss”, which became a youthful memory of a generation. In his debut on the screen, his efforts and sincerity to actively seek breakthroughs in genre and narrative have been seen by the audience, and he has become a surprising dark horse.

Of course, like the advantages, the shortcomings of the film are also obvious. For example, the rhythm of the first half needs to be polished. In a relatively single scene and plot, the rhythm is not relaxed enough, and it will inevitably make the audience feel boring. If it can be made more compact, I believe it will make the film more interesting. (Reporter Huang An)


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