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The 8 Steps: the winner who met her partner through a dating app and they were neighbors

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The 8 Steps: the winner who met her partner through a dating app and they were neighbors

A young participant of Los 8 Escalones this Monday announced his romantic story on the air, in which He met his partner through a dating apponly to find out that his love was just a few steps away.

The distance between users is one of the possible configurations when matching on dating apps, but the closeness between Ludmila and who would become her partner surprised everyone on the television channel. “It was the neighbor next door, how close they were, in the same building, and they liked each other!”highlighted the driver Guido Kaczka.

Ludmila was on the fourth step, halfway to what she needed to reach to win the question and answer competition for the second consecutive time. She had to identify the singer of a quartet song that was playing and, by answering correctly, she moved one step closer to the final, in which He had already won 3 million and was looking to double the amount.

The final: a tense millionaire negotiation

Ludmila reached the final of the program broadcast by The thirteen for the second time, without major difficulties. The last question was referred to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, in which the players had to specify the instance in which Juan Martín del Potro achieved victory against Novak Djokovic. Ludmila stated that she went for the bronze medal, while her rival, Giselle, opted for the Olympic final.

Both options were incorrect., since Del Potro’s victory was obtained in his first match. However, by a point difference, Ludmila won the game and, therefore, 6 million pesos. Her mother-in-law ran to meet her to celebrate together: “She met her mother-in-law through the app too,” Kaczka joked and Ludmila hugged her and commented: “She had a lot of faith in me.”

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Despite her victory, Ludmila’s time on the program this Monday had not ended yet, since for the last prize that was added to the game this month, a difficult negotiation still awaited him. Among the winners, a new round was installed, in which On Monday, October 2, there will be competition for a brand new apartment in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Ludmila celebrated with her mother-in-law and said: “She had a lot of faith in me.”

The key that allows entry into that coveted instance had been left in the hands of Luciano, another contestant who had to negotiate the price of his trophy without intermediaries. Considering that several participants have already entered the competition for the department and, therefore, decrease their chance of winning, Ludmila offered a moderate price for the key: $500,000.

“No. Nothing else? For 500, no”Luciano said bluntly, to which there was a speculative silence for several seconds. “We raised it to $750,000,” Ludmila proposed and Luciano hurried: “No, it’s not much for an apartment.” “It’s not the department yet, we have to play,” Ludmila responded and Luciano interrupted her with her dream number: “2 millions”, he launched, to which there were questions from the witnesses: “How?” she was heard in the background. Ludmila recognized that the price was high and seemed very hesitant.

Ludmila offered 500 thousand, 750 thousand, 1 million and 1.5 million before granting the price her rival asked for the key.

“Bueno, we raised it to 1 million“, she proposed and he insisted: “2 million.” “Let’s split the difference: 1.5 million pesos“, Ludmila replied and he shook his head: “2 million, you have 6!“, argued Luciano, who will also be able to return for 3 million to the next program. “Final price? Well, I buy it,” concluded Ludmila, whoHe went with 4 million, the key and the possibility of adding another 3 million tomorrow of pesos.


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