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The 95th Messi Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons Return to the Audience | Balloon Parade | NTD Chinese TV Online

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Beijing time:2021-11-26 12:40

[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time November 26, 2021]This year’s “Messi Thanksgiving Day Parade” in New York will return on Thursday. In addition to the giant balloon parade, there are also rich performances. The parade reappears with surging crowds. Please see Reporter Ke Tingting reported on the scene earlier.

Reporter: “Due to the outbreak of the epidemic last year, part of the Messi Thanksgiving Day parade and some performances were cancelled. The most anticipated large balloon parade returned this year, with crowds on both sides of the road.”

The parade route resumes from 77th Street on Eighth Avenue on the Upper West Side, passing through Central Park, Columbus Circle, entering Sixth Avenue, and finally reaching the Macy’s flagship store on 34th Street.

The giant balloons of two to four stories high are full of childishness against the backdrop of Manhattan’s high-rise buildings, winning the love of friends of all ages.

Small audience at the scene: “Spider-Man, I want to see Spider-Man. Who do you want to see? Teen Titans!”

Audience at the scene: “We are from Florida. This is the first time we have come this year. We just want to make the children happy, let them watch the parade, and have a happy holiday.”

Six new balloons made their debut, including Baby Yoda, Netflix character Ada Twist scientist, new version of Pikachu and Uncle McDonald’s.

In addition to 15 giant balloons, there are 28 floats, 36 traditional and innovative inflatable dolls, more than 800 clowns, ten marching bands, and nine performance groups.

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A family from California came to cheer for their daughter’s performance in the parade.

Audience: “We arrived at 5:30 in the morning. Make sure to see her passing in front of us.”

Audience: “Happy Thanksgiving!”

NTD reporters Ke Tingting and Han Rui reported in New York

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