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The action movie “Broken Gold” is launched, starring Wu Yue

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Directed by Liu Zhangmu, written by Liu Yi, starring Wu Yue, starring Luo Yan, Liu Junxiao, Wei Qing, and Xia Minghao, He Xun, Ma Yi and others co-starring the action movie “Broken Gold” is exclusively launched on Tencent Video today . This fraternal and bloody movie, carefully polished by the core team of “Wolf Warriors”, has successfully attracted the audience with its hard-core fighting style, moving brotherhood and distinctive female characters. It has been watched by many male netizens. This film is also the first blockbuster self-made masterpiece to be launched in 2022 after the new upgrade of Tencent Video’s self-made film label. It is full of highlights and will be announced one by one.

Fight against the gangsters, the excitement of the battle is full of shocking sensory experience

“Broken Gold” tells the story of a pair of twin brothers who were born and died overseas. The younger brother, Lei Zhansheng, was involved in a local gang organization because of a huge amount of money and escaped pursuit by suspended animation. In order to find out the truth about his younger brother’s “death”, his brother Lei Zhanjun crossed the border and chased the murderer for thousands of miles. The younger brother, who has escaped, returned with a new face and identity in order to save his brother. Together with his brother, he desperately escaped under the dual pursuit of the police and the underworld.

As an adrenaline-rushing action shootout film, “Broken Gold” is full of dizzying fights and exciting special effects scenes, and the style is very outstanding. Whether it’s a light and fast gunfight chase or a close-up fight with fists to the flesh, they all seem to ignite blood and are extremely shocking. In addition, the cinema-level production team makes the film even more powerful. In the trailer, Wu Yue and Luo Yan have a bloody fight scene. The gang boss Hou Ye uses his finger as a gun and remotely controls the sniper to shoot and kill the target. The scenes such as the racing car chase in the downtown area and the bridge shootout are intense and high-energy.

Brotherly love is full of stamina, hardcore sacrifices his life to save the heart

“Broken Gold” is taken from “Brothers are of the same heart, and their profits will break gold”. This “Broken Gold” not only refers to the power of brotherly cooperation, but also implies that the younger brother, under the inspiration of his older brother, lost his way and gave up his injustice. Wealth, return to the conscience and affection of human nature. The film opens with the “death” of his younger brother Lei Zhansheng. The older brother, Lei Zhanjun, disregarded the double pursuit of the police and the gang, and entered the game to find out the truth; and the younger brother, who had retreated completely, was equally stubborn after learning that his brother was in danger. Give up going abroad to Mabu to protect my brother. In the trailer, when the elder brother Lei Zhanjun tore up his identity certificate, although he didn’t say a word, his resolute eyes and back were full of worry for his younger brother; Still unwilling to tell the whereabouts of his younger brother, the deep friendship between the brothers was vividly explained in just a few seconds.

If the huge action scenes meet the audience’s high requirements for visual experience, then the story core of brotherhood will pull the film to a deeper emotional value. In the story line, the two brothers risk their lives to protect each other, but they are not recognized until the end of the film. The bright and dark situation was mixed with financial interests and conspiracy calculations. In the face of many tests, even if the younger brother could not bear the temptation of 100 million US dollars, the older brother did not give up. At the critical moment of life and death, the two still unconditionally Hand over the back to the other party and escape from the Jedi together. It can be said that one brother in life is enough.

Female group portraits are all cruel and innovative to shatter traditional stereotypes

Unlike ordinary men who use women as foils in the film, the female characters in “Broken Gold” are full of “ruthlessness”, not only in their sassy and capable appearance, but also their identity occupies a central position in the plot. The most representative of them is Hou Ye, the leader of a local gang organization. Although she is nearly fifty years old, her influence has already spread all over the police, government and business circles. She even arrogantly said the lines “It’s too easy to kill you”, with such an arrogant and domineering attitude And the ability to cover the sky with one hand completely broke the audience’s stereotype of female image positioning. And the female protagonist Sahataya Gongqiong is also a woman who does not allow men. As a pungent, beautiful and capable policewoman, she did not hold back at all when she escaped with the Lei Zhanjun brothers. The fighting scenes were equally wonderful. Hormones are no less attractive than men. It can be said that “Broken Gold” has made new attempts and challenges in exploring the role and positioning of women.

The movie “Broken Gold” is jointly produced by Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Hainan Happy Time Film Co., Ltd., and Xiangshan Carousel Film Co., Ltd., and it is exclusively on Tencent Video today to experience the brothers who sacrifice their lives and protect each other without asking questions. The hardcore emotion of life and death!

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