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The Advent of Branch Distribution: A New Era for Film Distribution

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The Advent of Branch Distribution: A New Era for Film Distribution

Different Theaters Play Different Films, 24 Films Complete the Contract, and the Audience Has Diversified Choices

The film market tests the waters of “split distribution”

Beijing Evening News reporter Wang Jinyue

At the 24th National Film Promotion Conference and the First National Film Fair held recently, 24 films such as “Reunion”, “Porco Rosso” and “Asteroid Hunters” completed the contract for branch distribution and became the market for a while. focus of attention. Industry insiders said that branch distribution increases the diversity and richness of the film market and allows audiences to see more good films, but the actual effect requires further observation.

Branch distribution

Conducive to stimulating industry vitality

Branch distribution refers to a film distribution model in which different films are screened in different theaters. A film can no longer be uniformly screened by theater chains across the country, and the film studio can choose to trade with theater chains or theater investment management companies that provide better conditions. For example, it provides more prime screenings, a higher proportion of film schedules, a longer screening period, and a higher proportion of film box office settlements, etc., all of which fall into the category of “merit-based considerations.” Branch distribution is also known as a “two-way rush” between the film studio and the theater chain.

Branch distribution has its unique advantages. The first is that it can increase the revenue of the film side. The current common account sharing ratio is 43% for the film studio and 57% for the theater (excluding the national film special fund turned over). After the branch distribution model is officially launched, on the basis of unified distribution and unified screening, film producers can explore new market-led and flexible negotiation transactions with distributors, theaters, etc. Secondly, offline distribution can improve the utilization rate of theaters and screens and increase the income of exhibitors. In particular, blockbusters gather during important schedules such as the summer, National Day, and Spring Festival. There are no films available on weekdays and weekends. The audience’s willingness to enter the theater is low, and theater film scheduling resources are seriously wasted. In this case, branch distribution can increase theater income. It can also help small and medium-cost films to gain more space for film scheduling when their publicity and distribution budgets are limited.

Zhi Feina, a professor at the China Academy of Arts, believes that as the basics of the film market are mature, the development vitality of the industry needs to be further stimulated. “An important manifestation is that the homogeneity of film supply channels and film content allows the audience to have an aesthetic appreciation. Fatigue. And the low screening ratio prevents some films from getting more attention.” At this time, branch distribution can make up for the shortcomings of the market.

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Li Jie, president of Alibaba Pictures, also believes that the current lack of differentiated operations in theaters has resulted in some films still occupying screening resources even if they do not perform well at the box office, and theater income has also been affected. The implementation of the branch issuance comes at the right time.

“Silence Notes”

First movie to be released online

On December 1, the suspense movie “Silence Notes” starring Zhang Yu and others was released. This is also the first movie to be distributed in separate lines. Wang Hongwei, the film’s producer, said excitedly: “This type of film used to mostly appear at film festivals and was rarely seen in theaters. Now Alibaba Pictures has tried branch distribution, which will allow more audiences to see it. ”

“Silence Notes” has selected a total of 30 theaters for cooperation. Han Wenping, executive deputy general manager of Beijing New Film Alliance Pictures Co., Ltd., revealed that 32 theaters among the 130 theaters in the theater chain were selected to screen the film. The conditions proposed by the distributor are: at least 8 theaters per day will be scheduled during the first weekend. games, and the number of golden games shall be no less than 3. In the following week, the number of screenings will be no less than 5 per day, and the number of prime screenings will be no less than 2. The proportion of film schedule should not be less than 6%.

However, judging from the final box office, the performance of “Silence Notes” was not ideal. According to Maoyan Professional Edition, the film only took in a box office of 1.37 million yuan in the 7 days it was released. Among them, the national film schedule on the first day of release accounted for only 2.1%.

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Cinema manager Mr. Zhang believes that off-line distribution, as a new distribution attempt and industry reform, puts forward higher requirements for producers and theater chains: “If the quality of the movie itself is not up to standard, it will not get the approval of the theater chain. If it is recognized, then this distribution method will not continue; on the other hand, how theater chains can find their own positioning, how to provide more suitable and good movies to nearby residents, and meet the audience’s diverse needs for movie viewing, is also very important. It tests the theater manager’s vision in selecting films.”

Excellent low-budget movie

Hope to be seen by more people

“Split distribution is still in the experimental stage. As for the actual effect, further observation is needed.” Jiang Yong, a film market expert, told reporters that the benefits of split distribution are self-evident, but there are two points that need to be noted: First, do not give up points. Online distribution has buried box office dark horses, and the second is not to let bad movies take over. He took “Twinkle Twinkle Star” as an example. It was previously rumored that the film would be released through separate distribution channels. However, as of 21:00 on December 7, the pre-sale box office of the film had exceeded 160 million yuan. “In this case, it would be more advantageous for the film studio to adopt nationwide distribution.”

As for the second point, Jiang Yong analyzed that for some bad films, although branch distribution ensures the number of films scheduled, with the sharp decline in reputation, theaters cannot make adjustments based on attendance according to the agreement, and will suffer revenue losses to loss. “Especially for some small and medium-sized theaters, the losses will be greater, which will also have an impact on the improvement of the overall box office nationwide.”

“For high-quality art films and documentary films, separate distribution is undoubtedly a good thing.” Documentary director Chen Jun believes that compared with commercial films, the reputation of art films and documentary films is slowly fermenting. If If the film schedule is guaranteed, the box office will increase in the future. “I hope that the emergence of branch distribution will give more low-cost excellent films a chance to be seen by more audiences.”

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