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“The Amazing Spider-Man” hero: Maguire’s version of “Spider-Man” is my favorite-Movie-cnBeta.COM

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“The Amazing Spider-Man” actor Andrew Garfield recently told the media that Tobey Maguire’s “Spider-Man” is his favorite.In the GQ interview video, a commentator said that the Dutch brother is the best Spider-Man, because he played Peter Parker and Spider-Man very well, while Maguire and Garfield could only play Peter Parker and Garfield well respectively. Spiderman.


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Garfield responded to this: “Brother, that’s your opinion, just stay. Toby is my favorite, okay. Because that was my childhood. I think I and my friend Terry McGinnis keep watching Three times the first generation of “Spider-Man” movies, we are very excited, we will read lines to each other.”

In an interview with ET Canada, Garfield once again praised Toby Maguire for playing the original Spider-Man, but also praised the Dutch brother and the MCU team, “This is a very sophisticated way of expression, I like all (playing People who have lived in Spider-Man.”

Garfield played in two “The Amazing Spider-Man” movies between 2012 and 2014, and later the series restarted with Dutch brother as the protagonist. However, the villains of Garfield’s “Spider-Man” movie will appear in the third “Spider-Man” movie starring Dutch brother.

Two generations of “Spider-Man” Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland met at the GQ Gala:


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