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The animated film “Pig Dick: Blue Sea” is set for the National Day fantasy journey to set off a wave of parent-child movie watching_movie

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Original title: Animated movie “Pig Dick: The Blue Sea” is set for National Day fantasy journey will set off a boom in parent-child movie watching

The well-known TV animation IP “Pig Dick”‘s first big movie “Pig Dick: Blue Sea Romance” is officially scheduled for October 1, 2021, and a preview and poster will be released. Pig Dick becomes an adventurer and partners with Light Blue, a girl who goes out to sea in search of the soul of the sea, and bravely ventures into the fantasy “Island of Forgotten”. A wonderful adventure is about to begin. With its unique style of painting and unbelievable storyline, “Pig Dick: Blue Sea” is hailed as the most imaginative parent-child animation film on National Day in 2021!

Adventurer Pig Dick bravely rushed to “Island of Forgotten”, three childhood friends reaped family affection and growth

“Pig Dick: The Blue Sea” tells an adventure story about family love and self-growth. Pig Dick and the elf pet bean bag are separated due to a shipwreck. On the way to retrieve the bean bag, Zhu Dick meets a man who goes out to sea to find the soul of the sea. The girl “Light Blue”, the two embarked on a thrilling adventure to find their most important relatives…

The fixed posters exposed in the film this time are full of fantasy colors. Dick Pig was swept into the water by the rough waves, and the patriarch of Shenzhou Island, Light Blue, fought bravely with sharks with candy teeth, and the bizarre and dreamy scenes instantly pulled the audience to one. The fabulous world has left a broad imagination space for children. And who is the mysterious boy under the sea is also very curious.

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In the first trailer released with the finalized posters, Dick Zhu and the light blue seabed shuttle, avoid the golden lightning, bravely face all kinds of difficult challenges just to find family and partners. In the two people’s question and answer, the residents of Shenzhou Island send off the huge ship to the sea, and the thundergod violently hit the sea, and other exciting scenes flashed one by one, demonstrating the unique fresh style of painting and surprisingly sophisticated production.

At the same time, the emotional core of the film “Calling for Family Companion” is also moving. The common voice of Dick and Light Blue is “Even if the journey is far away and the journey is dangerous, we must never abandon our family”, which is right. The infinite love and affection of the family also shows the emotional theme that runs through the entire film: the most rare thing is companionship. And what is the Sea Soul Heart that represents “Hope”, and whether the Pig Dick Adventure Team can find the Sea Soul Heart and find someone to return home has also filled the children with expectations on the big screen.

Pig Dick’s IP original crew upgrade is the best choice for the National Day file with children to watch movies

As an original and well-known animation IP, the Zhudick series of cartoons are loved by children and parents once they are broadcast on CCTV Children’s Channel, Beijing Kaku Children’s Channel and other platforms. They have repeatedly ranked first in the national ratings, with a total broadcast volume of more than 400 million. He has an excellent reputation among parent-child families. He has won the “Excellent Domestic Animation Award” issued by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and the honorary title of “Top Ten Cutting-Edge Animation Brands in China“.

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As the first animated movie dedicated to the IP team of Pig Dick, “Pig Dick: Blue Sea” uses the original team of many top producers in the industry, but has achieved an all-round leap in storyline, character design, and picture style. Style upgrade, keep improving and full of ingenuity, give the film a “visual and emotional double shock” animation blockbuster texture.

It is worth mentioning that “Pig Dick: The Blue Sea” dared to choose the strongest such as Lin’s National Day file to be released, which shows the film’s super confidence in the quality of the film. In addition, the movie is played in 2D format, which is designed for children to create a relaxing and comfortable viewing experience without hurting the eyes. It is undoubtedly the most suitable parent-child animated movie for parents and children to watch with their children during the National Day this year!

The movie “Pig Dick: The Blue Sea” was produced by Beijing Wanma Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Baishi Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Changgong Culture Media Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Broadcasting and Television Group Co., Ltd., and Beijing Shengshi Xingyue Culture Media Co., Ltd. Produced by the company and China Film Distribution Co., Ltd., directed by Yang Yi and Liu Lei, will officially land on the national theaters on October 1, 2021, so stay tuned.

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