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The annual blockbuster emotional bomb “Hachiko” reveals the ultimate trailer, is sincere and touching, and is praised by the audience with tears_TOM ENTERTAINMENT

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The annual blockbuster emotional bomb “Hachiko” reveals the ultimate trailer, is sincere and touching, and is praised by the audience with tears_TOM ENTERTAINMENT

The movie “Hachiko”, which will be released on March 31, released the ultimate trailer today, presenting the famous tear-jerking scene of dogs waiting for their owners. The dog Batong and its owner Chen Jingxiu (played by Feng Xiaogang) have been tempting each other for the first time, gradually getting closer when they put down their guard, to waiting for each other like family members, and then after Chen Jingxiu passed away unexpectedly. The story of “One Life, One Life” brings together countless strong emotions, and it is presented tearfully in this warm spring.

This film is adapted from the original script “Hachi Gong Monogatari” written by Kaneto Shinto, directed by Xu Ang, produced by Ye Rufen, starring Feng Xiaogang, Chen Chong and the Chinese pastoral dog Rhubarb, starring Bai Jugang and Huang Chutong, invited by Qian Bo, and tells the story of a small Dogs are stories that touch hundreds of millions of people around the world.

The annual blockbuster emotional bomb

Recently, the film officially opened the “I want to be by your side” theme campus sharing session. Director Xu Ang, leading actors Feng Xiaogang, leading actors Bai Jugang, and Huang Chutong walked into Beijing Foreign Studies University, Peking University, and Beijing Normal University to listen to the students watching the film feel.

There were countless audiences who watched and cried. Many students bluntly said that they did not bring enough tissues. They were moved by the ten-year steadfastness of the eight tubes in the film. .

The annual blockbuster emotional bomb

The annual blockbuster emotional bomb

One person, one dog for a lifetime moved hundreds of millions of people around the world Batong deeply interpreted “identity is life”

The story of Batong and Chen Jingxiu originated from an accidental encounter. The stray puppy curled up under the car met a kind-hearted man with a soft heart, and the puppy has a home since then.Chen Jingxiu will bathe Batong and love it like a child; his wife Li Jiazhen (played by Chen Chong) occasionally has a bean curd heart in her mouth and dislikes Batong, but every time she prepares the most abundant dog food for it; The strange puppy gradually became a member of the Chen family.

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It will go for a walk with the owner, and will wait at the station entrance where the owner gets off work every day, and Chen Jingxiu will also say fondly every time Batong throws himself into his arms: “My silly son”. Until one day, Chen Jingxiu left home as usual, but never came back, and since then, Batong has been waiting for him all his life.

During the waiting days, Batong saw the ruins of the Chen family after demolition, and saw the family immersed in grief because of the death of the owner. It did not understand why the former home no longer existed, nor did it understand the tears of the family members For whom it flows, it only knows that it waits at the exit every day, and the owner will definitely open its arms to it.

The annual blockbuster emotional bomb

The annual blockbuster emotional bomb

Years go by, time flies, and the life of Batong is coming to an end in the persistent waiting day after day. At the last moment, it seems to have a beautiful dream. In the dream, it returned to its childhood. Chen Jingxiu hugged it in his arms and said softly Said: “Silly boy, I’m sorry to keep you waiting for so long…” It finally waited for this hug.

“One person, one dog, one life” is a short commentary on the story of Batong and Chen Jingxiu, but the short six words express the affection of accompanying and waiting for each other. For a puppy, as long as it recognizes its owner, it will start a life of silent companionship. Batong is like this. It has been waiting for ten years to express its love for its owner Chen Jingxiu. I believe this heavy and precious love will also be It will touch you and me, and send the annual heavy emotional gift in the spring.

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The annual blockbuster emotional bomb

The main creators walked into the campus sharing session to listen to the most real feelings Bai Jugang encouraged everyone to express their love bravely

Recently, the director of the film, Xu Ang, together with leading actors Feng Xiaogang, starring Bai Jugang, and Huang Chutong, went to colleges and universities in Beijing to start a campus road show, share behind-the-scenes stories with students, and feel the true feelings of everyone after watching the movie. In addition to the emotion of the movie story itself, the interaction between the main creators and the dog outside the play also aroused the curiosity of many audiences.

When director Xu Ang answered how to solve the uncertainty of the dog’s performance during the filming process, he said: “Dogs don’t know how to perform, they just use their true feelings to replace the performance. Sensitive training, trying to reduce the strangeness between animals and people, and even the dog and Mr. Xiaogang slept together at night.”

Feng Xiaogang, who has the most frequent contact with dogs, also bluntly said: “Dogs can feel the kindness of humans, so before shooting, we have to take time to establish an emotional connection with dogs and get to know each other well. This process is also very pleasant. Many times, you really want to pet it and hug it, and this process will be very enjoyable.” It expresses the infinite kindness and love of the crew for the animal actors during the filming process.

At the road show, a student from Beijing Foreign Studies University burst into tears when recalling the figure of Batong waiting for Chen Jingxiu in the movie: “I have a dog myself, and it passed away in the year I took the postgraduate entrance examination. Pick me up from school. I was struggling to watch it before, because I was afraid that I would be sad after reading it. But now I have a kind of relief. I am very grateful that the puppy can accompany us all our lives. Although its life is over, it leaves us Our company and love will not disappear, and our love for it will not disappear.” The creators and audience were moved.

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At the sharing meeting at Peking University, Bai Jugang said when talking about the feelings brought by the film: “Dogs don’t understand human language, we can’t communicate with it 100%, but it will express its love for us with actions. , caring and companionship. Just like what is said in the movie, as long as we are still here, as long as we can convey our love to the one we love, we must boldly express it. I also hope that after watching this movie, everyone can be more Be brave enough to express your love.”

The movie “Hachiko”Produced by iQiyi Films (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Lajin Films Co., Ltd., Xiamen Hengye Films Co., Ltd., and Beijing Weimeng Chuangke Network Technology Co., Ltd.The film will be released nationwide on March 31, and the pre-sale is now in full swingand the person you want to accompany the most, go to the movies together, I hope you can feel the warmth of each other’s company, and be able to stand firm by each other’s side!

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