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The Asti man who bewitched Alba with his passion for theater

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Hwhen he left, he went to meet human destiny, leaving his heart as an inheritance. Alba suddenly became impoverished of a humble and discreet character who knew how to love culture without ever mentioning it. The passion for theater, cinema and music made him a tireless warrior, always at the fore when there was a show to attend.

Born in Asti in 1928, his great hobby was represented by cinema and theater. He had begun his intellectual journey at the Alfieri theater in his city. He went beyond the stage, for him the dressing room was important as a first step towards knowledge and friendship.

«I cultured myself in Asti – he often repeated – and I decreed myself in Alba, I never lost a great magazine or a great representation, I went to Turin to attend the show. Rascel, Dapporto, Delia Scala had become my great friends ».

In Asti there were also four cinemas that Serafino frequented assiduously. He sat in the third row and if he could he always chose the usual seat, he wanted to watch the screening, careful not to miss anything.

«In 1959 I came to live in Alba. I was frying – he says – there was almost nothing, I had to run to Asti or Turin to be able to see some shows. Then in 1965 in Fontanafredda there was a meeting of the friends of the theater with the director of the Turin building, Nuccio Messina. With his help, I proposed a theatrical program to the Alba administration to take to the Corino cinema. It was impossible to get them to put some money to get the project started. Alba despite many economic fortunes did not have a great sensitivity for theater and culture, especially when it came to amateur dramatics. It was then the Stabile, after a careful inspection, to help me economically to bring the theater to the city; the first show was with Valeria Moriconi and Glauco Mauri, they had an unexpected success with the public and “skin”, it was the beginning of a great roundup of actors who came to Alba to reap the first great cultural satisfactions. I remember Corrado Pani, Vittorio Gassman, Giorgio Albertazzi ».

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This was Enrico Serafino, the “Sera” as they called him in Asti. We must recognize the importance he had in the cultural sector, his passion and his perseverance that set in motion an educational chain that continues to bear fruit today.

Even lately he never failed to attend a show, with difficulty he took his place and plunged into that sea of ​​mirage and poetry, enchanted like all great dreamers who make even the impossible come true. He will miss him as a man and as an example of great tenacity. –

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