Home Entertainment The Autumn Montreux (China) Jazz Festival in West Lake with the Voice of the World Held in Hangzhou-Hangzhou Video-Hangzhou Net

The Autumn Montreux (China) Jazz Festival in West Lake with the Voice of the World Held in Hangzhou-Hangzhou Video-Hangzhou Net

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The Autumn Montreux (China) Jazz Festival of West Lake with the voice of the world was held in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Daily News This autumn, music full of Swiss style came to West Lake, bringing Hangzhou music fans a grand holiday party. During the National Day holiday, the four-day Montreux (China) Jazz Festival opened its “first show” in Hangzhou.

It is understood that the Montreux Jazz Festival is one of the oldest and highest professional music festivals in the world, with a history of 55 years. Every summer, this world-class concert, which music fans all over the world have been waiting for, is staged on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Almost all contemporary jazz music masters have stood on the Montreux stage, attracting a total of 250,000 music fans to “pilgrimage.” This year, the Montreux Jazz Festival became familiar with China and put its “first show” by the West Lake in Hangzhou.

“Affected by the epidemic, this year we regret that we cannot hold a large-scale music event that can accommodate 10,000 people. However, in the spirit of the Montreux Jazz Festival, we have chosen a’small and refined’ format to present a different kind to everyone. A feast of music and audiovisual.” According to Qi Pengpeng, CEO of Montreux (China) Jazz Festival, the festival hosted 9 immersive performances and 1 exchange forum, and invited Chinese and foreign music including Grammy Award winners. I came to Hangzhou to sing.

On the outdoor roof of Sofitel Westlake Hotel, a colorful music stage was set up. Looking out from the roof, you can see the autumn colors of the West Lake gradually dyed by the trees. It couldn’t be more wonderful to hold a jazz festival that integrates the world’s diverse music in such a place.

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Three Grammy Award winners Ricardo and Veronica, Frenchman Etienne Jeanne, the first Frenchman who brought gypsy jazz guitar to China, the world-famous folk rock band Hang Gai, Chinese jazz guitarist Gu Zhongshan, and Chinese modern folk song representative Wan Xiao Good… Musicians from many countries and regions around the world gather here, and all music fans can get what they want. Have fun and choose freely. Isn’t this the city music festival that everyone imagines?

“The Montreux (China) Jazz Festival has built a bridge for cultural exchanges between China and Switzerland. This is the first time it has been held in China. I like it and enjoy it very much. Enjoyed the Montreux Jazz Festival.” said Bernardino Regazzoni, Swiss Ambassador to China.

When the evening breeze of West Lake blew past their ears, the audience under the stage was drinking beer, raising their mouths, pacing leisurely, twisting their bodies uncontrollably, singing wantonly with the singers and enjoying music. When the last note fell, everyone reluctantly said goodbye after the carnival, also in order to meet again next fall.

Source: Hangzhou Daily Author: Reporter Li Weiwen Photo by Ding Yijie Editor: Zheng Haiyun

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