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The Black Flamingo – An-Nûr – Album Review

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The Black Flamingo – An-Nûr – Album Review

The Black Flamingo – An-Nûr
Origin: Rome / Italy
Release: 26.01.2024
Label: Subsound Records
Duration: 44:07
Genre: Instrumental Psych Stoner

It takes a lot to take a stand in a conflict as complex as the escalating Middle East conflict. The Black Flamingoan instrumental stoner trio from Rome, show on their debut album An-Nur a high degree of solidarity towards the people who have their home in Palestine.

The album title means Licht in Arabic and overall, the album is a three-quarter-hour trip to that bright light at the end of a long dry spell. There is no singing here, rather speech samples illustrate the rhythmic and melodic structure that can clearly be identified as stoner, as in the single and the title track An-Nur HERE can be heard clearly.

Bulky album on a difficult topic

There is nothing here that doesn’t work in the overall context. An-Nur is to be viewed as a complete work and as such serves the numerous riffs and rhythm figures. Compared to other stoner chapels The Black Flamingo dreamier. And not an intoxicating dreaminess after consuming substances. Rather, it is a persistence, an expression of moods. What An-Nur Substance and authenticity.

The atmosphere of the album is very engaging and doesn’t necessarily lead the listener on the wrong track. Still, with all the familiar ingredients, he doesn’t feel like he’s heard it all before. Light and shadow are included An-Nur close together, although this cannot be seen qualitatively.

Authentic stoner with a message

The final long track Ayahuasca, which is named after a hallucinogenic drink from South America, is made up of different parts and the expansive song structures fit perfectly with both the album and the style of the three Italians. This is also the only song that fans already know from the 2018 release Mictlan EP could know.

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Vinyl fans come, typical for releases from the house Subsound Records, also their right. So there is no reason for fans of robust and moderately psychedelic stoner bands to ignore this great debut.

This debut work obviously has a few years of maturity behind it, and you can hear it An-Nur every second. The Black Flamingo create a psychedelic stoner that sounds familiar but is still able to set new accents. 9 / 10

Line Up
Mattia Lolli – Guitar, Synthesizer
Matteo Nuccetelli – Bass
Tiziano Giammichele – drums

01. Selk’nam
02. An-Nur
03. Due
04. Thirteen
05. Solaris
06. Ayahuasca

Facebook The Black Flamingo
Bandcamp The Black Flamingo

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